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Marijuana HAS BEEN LEGALISED!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. now wouldnt that be good if it were true.
    we can hear that... if YOU start doing something.
    its not gonna happen unless you get off your ass and do something.

    stop thinking "what can i do, i'm only one voice, and a voice that never gets listened to anyway" because it REALLY isnt like that anymore.

    the movement is reaching ever faster speeds ... more and more toekrs are fast becoming active in supporting their rights and fighting for freedom.

    if you're an american, i hope you're aware of recent telivised action by Jesse Ventura and even more recently Montel Williams. this is national TV... DAYTIME.... the truth is actually getting airtime in the media. you can now speak far more freely, now is the time to fight for it. because now is the time we all finally stop saying "if only we all spoke up with one voice", this is the time when WE ACTUALLY DO IT.

    get spending some time in the legalisation and activism section everytime you visit grasscity.

    act now...
  2. digit you bastard!!

    go away!! i dont want your trickery here.

    ok fine, i do. Im in canada!! we're doing fine without my help!!
  3. one thing I try to tell people when talking about NORML and trying to get them to join the local chapter is that laws don't change on their own. You can't sit on your ass and wish for the laws to change. For every letter or call that the state government gets, they count it as something like 3,000 people that feel that way. One person helping us can count as another 3,000 people every time they do something with us. You CAN make a difference.
  4. Haha, you somehow got my hopes up even though it's after midnight here in America.

    But him and InferiorWang are RIGHT ON. Donate to NORML, send letters to your representatives, make phone your part for the sake of stoners everywhere. If you don't fight for yourself, none of us will win.
  5. Shit I got my hopes up for some reason, thinking marijuana has been legalised will it ever happen?

    I live in Auzie land so there aint really much I can do for you Americans. But if you find anything I can do for my country's activism let me know.
  6. so if mj is legal how do you think they would sell it? and i wonder if it will be cheaper or more expensive. i bet they tax the shit out of it. what do u think? i would grow a field in my back yard a whole crop. lol
  7. lol digit wat an arousing speech. i mean, er, way to go man! hell yeah!! the guy has a point though.
  8. but what can i do, im only one man!

    i know digit has a point by in just sigle person!

    wouldnt trying lable us as a pot smoker tho? with whoever u complain to?

  9. so what

    who cares what they lable you

    we need to grow some balls arround here and stand up for ourselves!!!

    it does not have to be you alone but you alone can decide to get up and do soemthing ...or sit on your ass and watch as the whloe world goes to hell arround you!

    you want to do some thing start by truning off the tv and the computer and going outside...

    stop doing what all the comercials tell you and start deciding for your self!

  10. uhhh... i think you missed the point XX. NO ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

    there are things you can do for america.. every toker across the globe should be doing stuff for america, after all... it is the home of cannabis prohibition. and also... why not find things you can do in your own country for yourself, and then get others across the globe to help out. global activism man. it happens. i've made it happen. i know others here have made it happen. YOU can make it happen. i could give u a couple links, but i fear that would only make you believe that was the goal, not the beggining of the journey.

    i think thats not the issues we need be bothered about right now. i think first step would be to get everyone to stand up for their rights. its the only way to protect them. and lets face it... our rights have been getting a severe trampling on ALL our lives. prohibition can be tracked back to the 30s and even earleir.

    you can ACT.

    all y'all.

    do it.

    docta-kwapp say:
    "wouldnt trying lable us as a pot smoker tho?"

    uhhh... krapp.... you ARE a pot smoker. stop letting societies stigma tell you thats a bad thing!!!

    is that a bad thing? do you think it is???

    no. i should fucking hope not.

    do visit and see if you can find info on HowardMark's campaigning to NORMALISE cannabis use.
  11. Legalization is a sweet dream that we all have gotten hard-ons to. I think its quite a way off. I would be extremely happy if it were just like the Netherlands where it's still illegal, but it's decriminalyzed. Ahh.........Maybe one day
  12. I can just imagine buying a carton of j's. That would be kill.
  13. that was a really fucking uncool thing to put us through, I almost burst into tears, for nothing.

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