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Marijuana hangover!! Lmfao

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bongbabe420, May 16, 2010.

  1. The Marijuana Hangover

    What is a marijuana hangover?
    Do all marijuana smokers experience a marijuana hangover?
    What can we do to reduce a marijuana hangover?

    What is a marijuana hangover?

    A marijuana hangover, as I see it, is what will happen to heavy stoners when they first wake up in the morning, or whatever time it is when they awake [​IMG] ).
    Things that can happen:
    -You wake up, but can't think quickly just yet
    -You lack the ability to have creative ideas
    -You can only perform easy, repetitive tasks
    -Your energy is almost completely drained
    -It may take a half day to completely wear off
    -And for sure -you would rather sleep in
    For heavy users, it might take half the day, every day to function at peak level and even start acting like your good self again.

    It's not really the end of the world. I mean, you still wake up, and you are even able to function properly on repetitive tasks, so your job or schooling shouldn't be affected too much, right?
    “The Marijuana Hangover is still one of the top reasons we have seen that gives people the drive to quit weed completely”

    This is a big deal people! Walking around like a zombie might seem OK for a while, even a couple of years… But eventually you are really going to wish you had your brainpower back, even just to socialize or communicate effectively with friends and family.
    The marijuana hangover is one of the main reasons that weed smokers often have more meaningful naps than they have meaningful relationships. Slowly, marijuana hangover will cause you to drift away from everyone else. You will function on a different wavelength to most people.
    Do all marijuana smokers experience a marijuana hangover?
    Apparently not, many stoners will tell you that they wake up just fine. These people claim that weed gives them little or no lasting affect overnight and by morning they are 100% ready to go like any normal person. No marijuana hangover in sight!
    All I have to say to that is: Give it a while. Time will tell. I smoked marijuana religiously for over ten yeas, and in the beginning when I was a little bit ‘noob' to smoking weed, I would have agreed with them! After the first few years though, I completely changed my views.
    After a few more years of smoking marijuana daily, or even weekly, these same people will change their opinion on how marijuana really affects them!
    Most people notice the marijuana hangover after being forced to wake up earlier then expected. If you have a job with early hours, you might find it difficult to be your normal charming self. You will notice this especially if your job requires some personality (as many careers do!). Maybe a sales position, self-employment, or even working in an office with a large number of alert people to deal with.
    What can we do to reduce a marijuana hangover?
    Cut back on weed - I'm sorry but it had to be said!
    Sleep as long as possible – The more you smoke, the more you must sleep, that is the rules of life. Your body needs to get out, what you put in.
    Try different types of weed – Some types of weed can give you a much worse hangover than other types. It all depends on how long lasting the stuff is. If you are not ready to quit just yet, you should try to experiment a little bit with what you can.
    Hot showers are gold -
    Seriously! A very hot shower will force steam into your body via the nose and mouth. In turn, this will cleanse your insides and hopefully dislodge some unwanted marijuana phlegm that is stuck in your lungs. This is exactly what you want (and need). Get it out now, while you still can. Otherwise, this stuff may hang around in your body for even 3 months, and you don't want that!
    A marijuana hangover can be serious! If you are getting them, it is a good sign from your body that you really have had enough weed for now, and your body is having trouble processing it all overnight. It may just be time to consider quitting or at least cutting back so your body can play catch up !

  2. hahahaahaha that was hilarious. where did you find this?
  3. lol I searched DEADLY effects of marijuana and that came up!
    Apparently it's the deadliest effect they could think of :laughing:
    People are so fuckin stupid...

  4. Sig worthy.
  5. Ok, for a second there, I though you wrote that and I was about to rip you a new one, LOL.

    Weed Hangover-

    Definition: exact opposite of an alcohal hangover.
  6. lol
    Where I really cut back with toking up, I do get extremely fucking tired the morning after. But, If you smoke everyday you don't feel tired at all the next morning.
    I like the part about taking a shower or you will be hungover for 3 months.
  7. Lol All they did was list what happens when you wake up.
    What happens when EVERYBODY wakes up.
    I couldn't think quickly when I just woke up from deep slumber, even before I started smoking...
  8. It does kinda look like a I wrote it Hahaha. I probably should have made it clear that I found it from somewhere...
  9. Caffeine eliminates this.
  10. mabey the first few times i had this but never again i just wake up to every day normalness now... no big deal..
  11. people are so uninformed it's not even funny...

    o wait it

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