Marijuana "guru" gets one day in jail.

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  1. By KIM CURTIS, Associated Press Writer

    SAN FRANCISCO - Ed Rosenthal, the self-proclaimed "Guru of Ganja," walked free Wednesday after a federal judge sentenced him to one day in prison for a marijuana conviction.

    Rosenthal, 58, was found guilty in February of growing more than 100 plants in an Oakland warehouse and could have faced as much as 60 years behind bars.

    Rosenthal had argued his actions were legal under a 1996 law passed by California voters that permits marijuana use for medical purposes. He also said he was acting as an agent for the city of Oakland's medical marijuana program.

    But U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer did not allow the jury to hear those arguments.

    The jury found Rosenthal guilty of marijuana cultivation, but several jurors later said they would have acquitted him if they had known he was growing the plants for patients in Oakland.

    "I think it was wrong," Rosenthal said from his home Tuesday. "Once the jury found out the whole truth, they agreed. They repudiated their decision."

    California Attorney General Bill Lockyer had asked Breyer for leniency in Rosenthal's sentencing. The federal probation department had recommended a 21-month prison term.

    its still crap.he shouldnt even have to do one day.Stupid feds.
  2. This is the official California NORML
    email alert...

    Federal Judge Rejects Government's Anti-Medicinal Pot Stance
    Sentences Noted Marijuana Cultivator To One Day In Prison For Medical
    Marijuana Grow Operation

    San Francisco, CA: A federal judge today sentenced noted marijuana author
    and cultivation expert Ed Rosenthal to one day in prison with credit for
    time served. Rosenthal could have faced as many as 60 years in prison
    after being convicted in January on three counts related to marijuana
    cultivation. Rosenthal grew marijuana to supply local patients who use it
    in accordance with state law.

    "This verdict is a marvelous victory for Ed Rosenthal, states' rights, and
    for the medical use of marijuana," NORML Executive Director Keith Stroup
    said. "It should send a strong message to the Bush Administration to stop
    wasting federal resources arresting and prosecuting medicinal marijuana
    patients and their caregivers, and to focus their efforts on serious crime
    ­especially anti-terrorism efforts."

    Rosenthal maintained he had been deputized by the City of Oakland to
    supply pot to local cooperatives that dispense it to state-qualified
    patients. His trial gained international attention when jurors publicly
    recanted their guilty verdict, and announced that they would have
    acquitted Rosenthal had the judge allowed him to explain that he was
    legally authorized to grow medical marijuana under state law. During
    Rosenthal's trial, District Judge Charles Breyer forbade any testimony
    pertaining to medical cannabis or California's Prop. 215 because federal
    law doesn't acknowledge that pot has medical value. "[T]he purpose for
    which the marijuana was grown is not a defense and is irrelevant," Breyer
    ruled during the trial.

    Jurors maintained that they were unaware of the context of Rosenthal's
    activities until after the trial, at which time they spoke out against
    their decision claiming they were "misled" by government prosecutors.

    The prosecution of Rosenthal by the federal Justice Department is
    indicative of the Bush Administration's crackdown on the use of marijuana
    for medical purposes. Since the Administration took office, federal drug
    enforcement officials have acted against more than 35 medicinal marijuana
    patients, cooperatives and providers in California alone. (California is
    one of eight states since 1996 that have legalized the use and cultivation
    of medical marijuana under state law.) In addition, pending Congressional
    legislation (H.R. 2086) contains language (Sec. 707) allowing the Office
    of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) to reallocate as much as $60.5
    million in federal funds from the "High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas
    Program" to target and prosecute medicinal marijuana patients and their
    providers in states where the use of physician-approved pot is legal. A
    separate provision in the bill would allow the ONDCP to use taxpayer
    dollars to potentially fund partisan advertisements targeting proposed
    state initiatives or laws seeking to legalize the medical use of

    "The Bush Administration, especially Attorney General John Ashcroft and
    Drug Czar John Walters, are extreme anti-marijuana zealots who are out of
    touch with the American public ­ 80 percent of whom approve of the medical
    use of marijuana," Stroup said. "It's time for the Administration to
    respect the will of the voters, and stop needlessly targeting medicinal
    marijuana patients and their providers. It is unconscionable to continue
    to deny an effective medication to those seriously ill patients who need
    it and have a legal right to use it under state law."

    For more information, please contact Keith Stroup, NORML Executive
    Director, at (202) 483-5500.

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