Marijuana grower killed in trap set to prevent theft

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Superjoint, May 6, 2004.

  1. Thursday, May 6, 2004

    Val-des-Monts, Que. -- A 37-year-old man found dead in a cottage in this western Quebec community amid more than 100 marijuana plants died as a result of a bizarre accident, police say.

    Autopsy results show the man was killed in a trap that appeared to be set to keep thieves away from his crop, police said yesterday.

    The body of the man, whose name is not being released, was discovered in the entrance of his cottage by his brother early last month. He died of a gunshot wound.
  2. I know how you feel.Im paranoid about alot of similar things in regards to people.Which is why most people never find out about alot of things simply because I dont feel I can trust them enough to not steal from me.In the past I've had alot of theft problems which is why even my best friend of many years who's like a brother to me doesnt know about certain things because I know I cant trust him enough.Only me and my fiancee know about it.And I plant to keep it that way.

    Like the statistics say, at least 80% of all crime is committed by someone the victim knew and usually its someone quite close to them which is quite sad. :( :( :(

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