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Marijuana Good for skin and hair

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by Fetus, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. for me i noticed that when i get sunburn (no matter how bad) it never hurts when its hit and it turns tan the day or 2 after.... it repairs damaged cells... amazing
  2. This is good to hear. I have had some severe acne over the years but since my cannabis comsumption has increased it has gone down dramtically over the past year.
  3. thats the same with me actually. I used to have bad acne, and it was reduced when I first started tokin. Since I started tokin alot more, my skin has been 99% clear.. :smoke:
  4. How could it be good for skin and hair... is there any medicine in that. wat is the procedure to use marijuana how many times it should be used.
  5. Ha, i liked that article cheers ;)
  6. Now everybody in hollywood is gonna start tokin' haha.
  7. This is certainly true. Thanks for sharing. Haha.
  8. There mght very well be something to it , all my friends and myself have toked for decades and all look much younger than others of our age.
    Skin is younger looking , hair is thicker ..or maybe we just stoned dunno
  9. no wonder my hair is beautifull
  10. my skins also become clear of acne but its the munchies you gotta watch!
  11. I think that mj has positive affects on guy's acne conditions.. but girl's i believe it affects negatively. I kinda break out when i smoke alot, some girls worse than others. I've had girls tell me about this too. Must be because of raised testostrone levels in girls and not in guys when you get high.
  12. You know, i've been tokin pretty regularly for about 3 years now.

    I used to have VERY severe acne, now my skin is completely clear, hardly a blemish on it, and my clearing up coincides with when i started smoking weed.

    I think we may be onto something:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  13. damn straight !! MJ works for me!!
  14. Damn, everytime i visit gc forums i read about yet another thing that mary can cure! nature gave us this one miracle plant, and what do we do: ban it and instead drink poison instead. this world is a sad place....
  15. Damn no wonder my acne's been acting up I've been going on a t-break... I need to smoke soon lol.
  16. Stick it in your asses Rogain! I know what to do for my bald spot now.:D
  17. Wow, I have been wondering why in the last few days I've been having acne when it's been clear for the last two years... I just started a t-break!
  18. acne is also usually associated with stress..when you smoke weed it relieves stress sort of takiing your mind off the fact you have acne and that makes it a little better..acne is just a test of how confident you can be even with slight flaws IMO

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