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Marijuana gin?

Discussion in 'General' started by Barbarossa, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. First off, let me tell you I'm new to the herb, so I hope this question isn't to noobie. Like most stoners, I'm lazy. I just hate work. The thing I hate most about smoking Mary Jane is cleaning. I was curious, does anyone know if there is a marijuana gin (like a cotton gin, witch removes seeds).


  2. Not that I've seen , If your tired of seeds, Just buy some high-grade Marijuana Buds.
  3. anyone else seen anything like that?
  4. which removes seeds?
    I'm not getting what your saying here.

    You can extract thc from bud with alcholol/high proof gin if thats what you where wondering
  5. Yes, a 'Cotton Gin' is a machine that removes the seeds from cotton, a 'Marijuana Gin' would in theroy do the same for Marijuana. Any one know of a product like that, which would remove seeds for you?
  6. i doubt it would work without messing up the bud or something. just get some good bud and you'll have no worries.
  7. you could just use a grinder, it would grind some of the seeds up but usually a couple of them stay in tact and you can pick them out of the ground up bud really easy. Whenever i have middies i never take the time to take seeds out i just toss nugs in the grinder and if i can toss some out after then sweet and if not its not gunna kill me.
  8. marijuana gin would taste rather delicious
  9. id chase it with more
  10. no, but i once saw this guy who trained his pigeon to de-seed his pot. the bird would fly down from its perch peck all the fucking seeds and only the fuckin seeds outta his pot. It would then look up and fly crookedly into a window. :smoking: that shit was amazing, fucking hilarious too:D
  11. Many years ago, we're talking the 70's, there was such a thing as a Mary Gin. I've tried unsuccessfully to find another, as mine finally bit the dust in the mid 80's. If anyone does remember these things and/or know where one could be found now, please reply.
  12. That is fucking awesome

  13. Jusy searching and came across this thread. I remember back in the 70's in all the head shops they sold them Mari-gins. I havent seen one in years but they worked great. Simply put your weed in and turn the crank and it cleaned your weed. Weed in the 70's was seedy for the most part i guess as weed got better they quit producing them.
  14. Captted,
    I'm sitting here lookin at one we've had in my group of friends and family for about the last 9 years. Classic Americana! I've never seen another.
  15. Join Date: Jun 2005

    Hey grandpa!
    How long have you been smoking?

  16. Since 1975!
  17. I had one back in the 70's.  Every now and then they come up on ebay. They recently had a couple of them, one had cracks and they wanted something like $33 plus shipping. Another one, still in original box with instructions $97+. They really did work great, I've been thinking of building one, they are actually a quite simple little machine.  
  18. http://youtu.be/TBp-bnuciIM

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