Marijuana Gets Rid of Nausea?

Discussion in 'General' started by TokerUp, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. I wasn't feeling that great today and I was feeling a bit nauseous earlier. The question that came to mind was if marijuana actually gets rid of your nausea, or does it only cover it up to where you can't feel it but you actually may be nauseous without knowing?

    I think this might also be a part of my Hypochondria problem. But during the time I'm high I don't tend to freak out about whether I'm sick or whatever else is on my mind. It's kinda dumb shit and I wish I didn't have it.

    But there's the question I'm asking, thanks!
  2. nausea is just a feeling. if you don't feel nauseous then you aren't.
  3. I agree with the dead head above me.

    and trust me it works, i have abdominal migranes and an ulcer and it works everytime
  4. Yes that's one of the reasons I love weed. :hello:
  5. Yeah it cures most of my stomach ailments. Quite nice if ya ask me.
  6. ya i feel you perception vs. reality i think it's reality otherwise would have had a really hard time getting medical MJ laws passed, but i don't have the studies in front of me, but i get what you mean

  7. That's actually a great way to think about it. So even if someone has the flu they can smoke and not feel nauseous at all the whole time if they smoked mostly the whole time? Sorry that might sound effin confusing:p
  8. diphenhydramine hydrochloride is also an anti-emetic.

    but weed is infinitely more fun. :smoke:
  9. So basically either weed or diphenhydramine hydrochloride works against puking or nausea while having the flu?

    Oh yes, pot is definitely more amusing lol:smoking: :p


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