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Marijuana, GERD, Nerve Issues

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by JerBear31, Feb 6, 2014.

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    Hey all, got a question for you. I know I'm not the only person that gets these effects.

    I use to use marijuana heavily, and it did wonders for me(medically and recreationally). One day I started getting chest pain. Long story short, found out I have acid reflux. It's been a few years later, I have extreme nausea all of the time. I rarely have chest pain, but when I do, it's when I smoke. Other things that come along with it are slight shortness of breath, numbness on the left side of my face, sometimes left limbs, and bloating that causes me to have to push my stomach out and it feels like my skin can't stretch more than my stomach wants to.(Weird right?) Has anyone had similar symptoms? Did switching the way you took cannabis help? I think it's clear the smoke is irritating some nerves in my esophagus/stomach. But hours after smoking, my high calms down, and my nausea is pretty much entirely gone, and remains beneficial til early the next day. I'm desperate for a way to cure my nausea and I know weed has such potential to help. I've tried Rick Simpson oil and it works to an extent, but not as much as I'd like. If I just keep forcing myself to intake cannabis, will my tolerance increase, and most symptoms go away? I know people can relate when you have such a tolerance, you almost don't get high anymore, you just get "regular".
  2. could read the medical marijuana section.....
    for the lazy answer
    vaporizer or edibles
  3. Yeah I did, what about it? I'm just looking for some people that might have dealt with this before or have any experience with this.
    they would be in the medical marijuana section and you would have seen all the threads if you HAD read them...
    so you choose to ignore them all?
  5. I've read previous related situations and none really answered the question, and they were from almost a decade ago. From what I've seen atleast. Care to point more specifically where this would be in that section rather than flame me?
    Sounds like you are swallowing more smoke than you are inhaling. Get a vaporizor that uses a bag. or just learn to breathe in through your mouth instead of trying to take big old rips...
    point is you should have asked where medical queries are found...would have much better chance to find people with similar issues there.
  8. I apologize, I'm new to the boards, are you saying I should post this in Medical Marijuana > Usage and Applications?
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    Thank you very much for your reply. I use to have a vaporizing pen that I would put wax and oil in, but it did the same thing, and I've vaped out of an analog vaporizer, same problem. However, I have not thought about one with a bag, maybe it's the high temperature of the smoke that is effecting my GI tract in a negative way? I usually take small puffs because I already know beforehand it's going to cause this discomfort. But I refuse to give up on cannabis, there are definitely very medical properties of it I need. Thanks again
    Do you cough a lot? I think you need to just breathe in normally. I think you are swallowing smoke, or your throat is dry locking and making you swallow it. I get indigestion if I take a big rip and then choke some.
  11. I rarely cough, but I will definitely try to breathe normally next time. I've been to Mayo Clinic and was diagnosed with Visceral Hypersensitivity which causes hypersensitive nerves in the belly and esophagus. Most edibles I try get me way too high, I wonder if I build a solid tolerance if these will subside. Too much THC for my nervous system causing misfired nerves all over my body.
    no worries...medical woes do make one irritable :smoke:
    ya, and to change to the suggested ingestion methods. They are what the others found to help. <use the search tool while in that section, it will help find specifics>
    Just eat a small portion and see how it goes. You are the best judge of how high you can be...just remember how much you eat. And put the brownie away so you don't eat the rest of it when you get the munchies..LOL
    check into the vapor temps of the thc vs cbd' need more cbd.
    vape the thc when you do want a high (or have friends do so) and then use the lightly use vapor poo (vaped herb) to make edibles
    Ran once in a volcano, the vaped herb makes great edibles (decarboxylate process already done, can put the ground herb in a capsule to swallow even), if the raw herb vaping temps were correct the vapor poo edibles will be high in cbd's ( i do works great)
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    Thank you very much, I will definitely give this a try. One crappy thing though is the fact that I live in a non legal state. So obviously all the bud is geared towards more THC or whatever, so even if a strain has say... .6% CBD, you're still reaping benefits from it? If so, awesome. I've been thinking about driving across states just to try these CBD rich strains.
    Trust me, the munchies fade away and then it turns into appetite problems when you're not high and eventually morning sickness due to your brain not producing the chemicals to tell you to eat and your stomach is under the impression nothing should be inside it so your diaphram will be squeezing your stomach to ensure anything you eat comes straight back up.
    Stop smoking for like 3 days, I bet all/most your symptoms go away.
    Anyone who says MJ withdrawal doesn't exist either hasn't experienced it due to lighter usage or is in denial.
    Really, 3 days, try it.
  17. I already don't smoke often. I usually only smoke once every couple weeks, and when I do I only take a couple puffs. 5 years ago is a different story, but I stopped smoking because of these symptoms. I usually only smoke if I've bad a couple beers also, it seems to calm my nervous system down slightly.
  18. I also have acid reflux from years of heavy pot smoking, cigarette smoking, and drug abuse, and bad diet.

    After I smoke I also get the shortness of breath. Especially if I'm really high. I think it's due too partial anxiety and also because pot smoke seems to either irritate the lungs and throat or because the smoke seems to coat the inside of the lungs? It seems to instantly loosen up all the phlegm.

    I this though. After the first smoke of the day I become fine. Also it helps me hack up phlegm and I feel great after. The shortness of breath disappears and it feels like I have a clear air passage.

    Imo it seems to be the bronchodilator effect of the smoke. Helps move the shit out of the air tubes instantly which is why you feel out of breath. Because all that shit is moving up the air ways. Just a theory andhow it feels for me.
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    Do you ever get any chest pain and/or stomach bloating along with it?
  20. I have but not necessarily right after I smoke. Minor chest pain is common with with gerd. Have you diagnosed your self or by a doctor?

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