MARIJUANA: Gateway drug to enlightenment?

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  1. im writing an essay for my English class.

    my thesis is

    Smoking marijuana has proved over the years its positive attributes as a medical drug, and its "gateway" effect to spiritual enlightenment.

    i pretty much ran through the medical part. that was easy.
    but im looking for some thoughts on the second part

    im basically trying to explain that marijuana can install a "naturalistic" style of thinking in a person; and can pretty much explain a lot of early human intelligence and stuff like that.

    but any input would be cool :wave:

  2. I'm sorry, I can't really help you.. But I would love to read the essay when you've completed it - sounds interesting
  3. well the way it works with me, i just start thinking and analyzing stuff.. human nature, for example. and i come to various conclusions. thats all there is to it.

    the question is, am i just stoned and having weird thoughts, or are the answers that i find right?
  4. What do you mean by early human intelligence? Like farming and tool making?

    I don't know about a naturalist style of thinking. It did allow me to objectively examine and question everything I believed without fear of perversion...or something.

  5. i think MJ brings about those type of questions. without something to begin to open your mind, its easy to just conform to social normality's. MJ brings what we can call revolutionary thinking that may go against a lot of what we know today.

    so think of it this way. your a nomad. you sit and smoke out. all of a sudden you start thinking, "lets settle down and grow this beautiful plant so we can always have it, hey, we can grow vegitbles too, and fruit!!"

    not saying thats what happened but you get the idea

    it encourages new thought. which is pretty much the exact opposite of what the governments of the world dont want. no wonder this shits illgeal
  6. I feel like I'm using parts of my brain I've never tapped into. Im almost smarter an have a greater complex an anaylizing brain, its really deep an spiritual to me.
  7. i agree that it encourages new though.
    it is probably better to have a question with no answer than not to have a question at all

  8. its funny, i been hearing a lot more talk like that recently. ive expirenced the same feelings of better understanding and enlightenment. maybe we really are evolving or something??:rolleyes:
  9. your thesis is a fragment...
  10. [quote name='stonerish']your thesis is a fragment...[/quote

    do you have a better way to say it?
  11. I think that marijuana enables the user to make more abstract ideas as well as connections between things. Which leads to insights you might not normally experience other ways. Thats just my 2 cents.
  12. It gives one a sense of deeper appreciation for the things around you and for nature. It also allows you to develop a greater sense of awareness of yourself yet at the same time connects you with others
  13. My thesis:

    - Marijuana expands the mind in two ways (which we could also call the two realms):

    1. To use it, you break the law. You are willing to become a criminal in order to do something you believe in. By breaking the law, you come to recognize that laws may be justly broken, especially in cases where they need to be changed. This is realm of practical knowledge.

    2. Using marijuana, one finds one's perception to be altered and yet coherent. The revelation of a secondary mode of perceiving that which you once saw in only one (sober) light leads one to recognize that there are many acceptable ways of viewing any and all things. This is the realm of personal awareness.
  14. great way to put it

  15. [ame=""]YouTube - bill hicks - evolution[/ame]

    I meant to post this video here like 2 days ago but I just signed up and it would not let me post anything. But, anyways, speaking of evolution and drugs...
    Oh, Bill Hicks.
  16. Would'nt it be nice if there was a natural relief to an untold number of ailments and medical problems, was cheap to make or buy, and promoted good values as well as provide a new and brighter outlook on life? Smoking marijuana has proved over the years its positive attributes as a medical drug, and its "gateway" effect to spiritual enlightenment. Even after being labeled with its well renown misconception as a dangerous substance out to kill our teenage youth; marijuana still proves to be useful to people all across the world. Patients with illnesses ranging from MS and cancer, to eating and sleeping disorders can use marijuana as a natural therapeutic substance. The possibility for marijuana to replace many of today's over-the-counter and prescription drugs seems to be a growing alternative.
    "Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man" Francis Young,the DE A's own judge made this statement during his two week medical testimony in 1988. Yet despite this, and the thousands of medical marijuana success story's; marijuana is labeled as a schedule 1 narcotic, meaning it has no medical value. the widespread negative preconceived notion on marijuana has many people who can benefit from marijuana left with synthetic drugs. Pain pills, depression medication, sleeping pills, the list can go on and on. Is it too much to consider that marijuana can possibly naturally help people in replace of many of today's pills? Where medicinal marijuana is legal, patients are able to consult with a doctor to find the particular strain that will best help each persons specific problem. As the world is advancing, we are slowly realizing a true gift has been given to us. When we begin to utilize marijuana to its full potential we will then discover many of the other benefits of marijuana.
    Why do some cannabis users seem to get shifts in awareness, or find themselves growing more 'spiritually-minded' as time goes by? And how can a drug that seems to induce soporific states have any place in meditation? Marijuana loosens or opens the mind so that thoughts and ideas that would normally be discarded, can enter and influence the mind. Marijuana can either help a person discover their own energetic and mental abilities, or also can make a person more receptive to the energetic and mental abilities of others, again by opening and relaxing the mind and the heart. Marijuana plays the role of a stepping stone to enlightenment because it, over time, it creates a deeper appreciation for the little things and nature. It also allows you to develop a greater sense of awareness of yourself, yet at the same time connects you with others. At the highest levels of practice, meditation is far less about reaching specific states of mind, and much more about understanding the true nature of reality in an ultimate sense. Understanding reality correctly is the most powerful trigger for experiences of enlightenment that there are, and Zen in particular is is full of stories where this knowledge has triggered realization, or 'Kensho', in its practitioners.
    Smoking marijuana continues to be a heated debate as its popularity grows among patients all across the world. Today, thousands of patients are using marijuana regularly with great success. being labeled with it's negative stereotype, holds back the many possibility's marijuana can bring. weather its coping with chemo therapy or suffering from ADD, meditation or medication; marijuana can in all reality, solve many of our social problems we have today when looked at in the correct perspective.

    what you think???

  17. thats the worst thing. in order to smoke marijuana (expand your mind ) you have to be a criminal
    "governments are not afraid of drugs...their afraid of mind expansion"
    i heard that from somewhere recently
  18. Hey man, don't get all hung up on the harmless part. Though it is mostly harmless, and in many ways healthy for adults, cannabis can be harmful to the undeveloped brain of an adolescent. One mistake like that could lose the credibility for your whole paper.

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