Marijuana found inside tractor-trailer full of frozen food

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    Approximately 1,000 pounds of marijuana was discovered inside a semi tractor trailer mixed in with a legitimate load of frozen food products. Read more about this story.
  2. i could use 1000 pounds lol:smoke:
  3. Okay marijuana COULD kill you. If this thing fell on you....
  4. DAMN thats why its dry here in CT!
  5. you know what they say, 'if you bought it, a truck brought it!'

    i dunno, i guess truckers say that.
  6. I'm scared I'll open the link and the first sentence will be the same as all the rest of these stories:

    "Today, police found 1,000 pounds of marijuana, worth a street value of 2 BILLION DOLLARS!"
  7. Making a run from rancho california, wow. Ballsy cross country drive. I wander how many runs he did before they finally got him on a routine stop...

  8. Not where Im at Lol
  9. Thats how they do it. They go 1/2 they still got 10 mil

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