Marijuana Found growing wild on Eastside sidewalk,NYC

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  1. Marijuana Found growing wild on Eastside sidewalk,NYC

    New York City is officially and literally going to pot. The evidence is above, thanks to a friend of NYC The Blog who shared this photo showing a nascent marijuana plant spotted yesterday at 1st Street and 2nd Avenue.

    What's going on y'all?? This little guy joins pot plants recently seen in Brooklyn and Union Square. Is this a public art project meant as wry commentary on how New York City is going to pot? You can't tell me otherwise. Sure beats the Heroin Stamp Project at White Box Gallery last month.

    Also, if marijuana is a gateway drug, the City might want to reconsider their decision to remove a pamphlet on safe intravenous drug use from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's website.

    Enjoy foraging for this weed, though it's most likely been spoken for.

    The photographer said it was so-so.
  2. I wonder how many people walked by that and said something like, "Look a Weed plant, JK!"
  3. Someone had already started pruning it,there is a double bud at the top!
  4. made my day. +rep
  5. i wonder if it was budding or if it was just ruderalis...
  6. Not budding yet but the tips are where the buds top out at,the tallest one has 2 tops instead of one growing between the big leaves. I have seen plants that throw buds from where the leaf attaches to the stalk w/o pruning,but the very end of each branch only has one tip growing out,unless someone has "snipped/tweezered" the tip and caused it to split into two tips on the same branch end. Pruning 101

    We need to start a wild garden in the middle of Central Park.
  8. How come Cannabis does not grow in the wild like that? Or am I missing something and the Cannabis plant really does grow wild in parts of the world?
  9. New York is called the Gateway to the Land of Opportunity. It's only deserving.
  10. This.
  11. It grows all over the US. Most has been eradicated by drug warriors in the last 5 years
    and it was worthless. It grew from the hemp planted in WWII when the ban on growing hemp was lifted for the war effort. Hemp growers had already developed low thc hemp strains,in France if I recall,in efforts to convince the UN that they could legalize hemp and produce hemp without getting people high. It didn't work.
    It has also been planted in areas where the government put wild turkeys in areas of the country,spreading the species,where they did not exist.
    Kansas has acres of it spread along country roads and it just gives you a headache.
    Anywhere that grows grain crops such as wheat or oats was growing hemp during WWII
    and it is possible that there are wild weed plants growing in remote areas still.
  12. it has been eradicated for the most part. smokeable cannabis i doubt grows wild unless someone abandoned a patch in the woods but in a few midwestern states there are wild hemp plants that grow.
  13. I've always wanted to plant my seeds in random public areas. Operation Overgrow. My friends attempted to grow some weed in wooded area near some train tracks by our home, but deer ate the plants just as they got big enough to start budding.
  14. that made my day about 100 times better xD

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