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Marijuana for Menstrual Cramps

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Grim Reefer, May 23, 2009.

  1. Anyone else use MJ for menstrual cramps? I have severe cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and even faint from time to time during my time of the month, and marijuana is the best thing I can use to treat it. Weed isn't even my drug of choice, really (hydrocodone is), but even opiates don't help as much as pot does.

    Is dysmennorhea recognized as a medical MJ qualifiable condition? If not, it's about time it was. The current recommendation for cramps are NSAIDs, which work well but are far from safe. I have to take so much ibuprofen (upwards of 20 a day; the max. dose is 8) that I've given myself gastritis and probably untold kidney damage with the damn things. Seriously, what other substance simultaneously relaxes spasming muscles, reduces nausea, kills pain, and aids sleep like cannabis does? I'm drawing a blank here :smoking:
  2. Im pretty sure it qualifies but it depends on where you live. You should just try to get an evaluation anyway, taking 20 ibuprofens a day is not healthy, and if cannabis only works for you, you should get checked out
  3. I was already under the impression marijuana was used to treat PMS symptoms and assumed that included cramps. It makes perfect sense since marijuana is used to treat all kinds of pain- I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be included.

    I do have one thing to say about NSAIDs, and that is that not everyone responds the same to all of them. Ibuprofen doesn't do ANYTHING for me, at all, ever, but naproxen sodium (Aleve) works very well for my menstrual cramps, and they're pretty intense. I take two at the first sign of cramps, and after that I only need one pill later in the day to last me through the night. I'll take two the next morning, and the cycle repeats itself. I usually only need to do this for the first 2-3 days. I used to have crippling cramps, but after taking naproxen sodium for them for a few years, I've noticed they're actually less severe than they used to be.

    Not that I don't endorse marijuana for this purpose, I just like to inform ibuprofen poppers about naproxen sodium. They're similar drugs but for some reason some people respond to one and not the other.
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    Ibuprophen and mj works great for me. Aleve does nothing.
    I have very painful cramps as well. I finally had to go to the shot to control them. I like only having a period every 3 months. Something you may consider if the Aleve stops working for you.
  5. I have dysmennorhea and I live in Michigan. I have a medical marijuana card because of it.

    Depending on the doctor, and of corse, if you live in one of the 13 states with medical marijuana, you can get approved for an MMIC .

    Marijuana is the only thing I use to alleviate my cramps and its the only thing I suggest. Any "pain killers" just make me feel sick, thirsty, and buzzed in a terrible way. I don't take any medication because I refuse to.

    The natural healing powers if marijuana are all I trust.
  6. Nothing helps my cramps but vicodin. I hate taking it though because it makes me sick to my stomach even more then the cramps do. My gyn wants me to have a hysterectomy due to my pain and I'm willing but too scared to do something so drastic to my body when I have other severe health issues. I've never tried pot for my period but I could really see it working well.

    I'm still counting down the days 'til NYS gets on the ball with MM. I think it would help a huge amount of my health problems without having to resort to horrible Rx drugs that never work anyway.
  7. I'm not sure if it qualifies you for a medical license, but I don't see why not because they definitely prescribe narcotics for it. It would only make sense that they'd prescribe an otherwise harmless drug to you.

    I don't know though, I'm not in a marijuana friendly state, nor am I a doctor. I do know that shit works for it though.

    I smoke constantly when I have my period. It helps with mood swings too. I'm not an all out cunt.:D

    You should talk to your doctor and tell us, because it would definitely be worth knowing to alot of us. I think it'd be grounds for a move.
  8. I live in Colorado and have my medical marijuana card for dysmenorrhea. It falls under the categories of chronic pain and severe nausea in the Colorado amendment.

    I recommend the strain Fucking Incredible for cramps and pms--it has practically no psychoactive effect but has almost instant pain releif and is very uplifting. Although most Indicas will do the trick. :smoking:
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    I'm new to the forum. I have endometriosis and I find it cures ALLL my syptoms the vertigo cramps nausia headaches. There are weeks when there isnt a time when I dont have a headache and if I have weed just a few puffs off a joint fixes it. my doctor would never prescribe it he denied I even had endo until I had the surgery. :(

    I have been smoking bubblicious but my friend gave me this new strand I have no idea what it is but it knocks me on my butt. I watched "power of intention" on it and honest to god the things that were said in the video were so big I was getting glimpses of life before there was even matter like black space no stars etc.

    That particular weed fixed everything so much I forgot I even had endo.

    I would rather smoke a joint and have a sleep than take the drugs because they cause bone loss and nerve damage among other things.
  10. My sister has endometriosis and uses cannabis to succesfully treat her condition. I don't know if your familiar with endometriosis but it's basically intensified menstrual cramps and depending where you are you should be able to get a mmj card for it. If you want more help pm and i'll gladly answer your questions. Best of of luck. Peace
  11. Yes, I used it now and my cramps are already starting to fade away... thank god my friend gave me some MJ before I left
  12. Queen Victoria used cannabis for her menstrual cramps:)

  13. Really?! How interesting. Did poor people also smoke, or was it only for the royals? lol:confused:
  14. Victoria used a tincture. They were very popular for MANY ailments in Victorian England.

    A Case of Dysmenorrhœa in Which the Tincture of Cannabis Indica Was Employed, with Some Observations upon That Drug (1847)
    [FONT=&quot]A Case of Dysmenorrh

    I have a bunch of stuff like this in the "History - pre 1937" section of my list- just click the first link in my sig. I find the pre-1937 studies to be interesting for their lack of government/Big Pharma spin! Just honest observations!:hello:

    And, yes, it worked for me, too! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  15. My names Queen Victoria and I use tincture/blunts to ease my menstrual cramps
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    Cannabis tincture (fluid extract of cannabis indica) was readily available, at all pharmacies (or "chemists" as they are called inn the UK), without prescription, and used universally.


    One of the primary reasons cannabis did not stay in the pharmacopeia (besides Hearst and Anslinger) was that they could not extract an active ingredient from cannabis (at that time) to make a standardized sort of medication.
  17. Brand new here..I was searching for info on mj and cramps and found this board. Mine are Godawful. Vicodin has never helped, Percocet has made me sicker than I have ever been in my life.

    I have severe depression and anxiety. My anti anxiety meds do not help my panic attacks anymore. I really, really wanted to see if mj would help during a panic attack. My husband was nice enough to get me one joint, which I just smoked half for fun yesterday (it's been about 8 years since I've smoked).

    Well, I haven't had a panic attack yet to test it on, but today I've got my cramps from hell. So, when my kids go out later, I'm gonna try.

    Oh, and my husband is getting me a quarter on payday. So thank GOD I found a source because it seems like you can get it anywhere when you are young, but when you are in your 30's, it's a different story. Anyway, my husband knows someone and he won't tell me who it is so I think maybe I know him, too. Ok, I'll stop rambling. I just really like this board because it is the exact same format of another board I have been on for years.
  18. I just wanted to chime in and say that I feel your pain, OP. What you described was exactly how horrible my menstrual cramps used to be when I was a teenager, to the point where my uber conservative, anti-premarital sex mother actually wanted me to go on the pill to control it.

    I've basically been on the pill constantly for the past 17 years, but if I wasn't using it for the birth control benefits also (too bad cannabis couldn't prevent pregnancy, lol) I would totally use cannabis to help with my cramps, and I bet it would work a lot better than the Tylenol 3s I had to take once in order to make it to an exam.

    Hope you find a sympathetic doc willing to help you out with this. :)
  19. Thank you so much. I'm done for the month now, but I did get a chance to test out the mj and it really did help. My husband is out of town and was supposed to get me a q-bag before he left, but he didn't. I really have found it to be helpful for anxiety, too. But I don't think he trusts me to smoke in moderation. :(
    But thank you for writing! I'm sorry you can relate to the pain. People just don't understand unless they deal with it every month.
  20. I have PMDD, which is basically PMS intensified to debilitation. In the week before my period and during, I have severe cramps, nausea, digestive upset and fatigue. I really don't like to take NSAIDs if I don't have to; I'm afraid one day I'll wind up with a stomach ulcer. I use only organic bud with the occasional aspirin to treat my symptoms.

    It's ludicrous that this amazing plant has been so persecuted and wronged for so many years when it's one of the most amazing medicines, and absolutely perfect for symptoms of menstrual and reproductive disorders. I can find no better treatment for chronic pain, nausea and general unrest, in terms of effectiveness and general safety of use. The fatigue, not so much, but a bud high is way different than that feeling of weak dizziness.

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