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Marijuana For Depression And Anxiety

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Kush Zombie MEX, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Use a double boiler type setup so you do not burn anything.
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    Ok I will leave bud covered in bacardi151 for a week, strain it, then cook off the alcohol via double boiler. Will that work? do I not need to leave it that long. I see in the video he only leaves it for like 15 minutes before he strains it
  3. Cannabis, excercise, and an improved diet are the natural remedy for depression & anxiety.
  4. Essentially what you're making is a Green Dragon and transferring into a glycerin tinc. If you want a good, quick guide, check this out:


    However, if you have access to 191 Everclear, that will do you much better. 151 will work, but will require more reduction.
  5. ok i just finished 'trying' to make RSO, but the result was not what i expected. the end result was a really sticky wax (like ones they sell at collective). all the alcohol evaporated in the crockpot and what was left was this hard sticky wax that was a pain to get out (had to scrape with a butter knife). is this RSO?
  6. I'm not very familiar with RSO, as it seemed very costly, a long process, and not pursuant to my personal goals with extracts. If I'm correct, it sounds like you just did an alcohol extract and evaporated all the alcohol off, no?
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    i soaked ground up bud (maybe like 10 grams) and 151 alcohol for around 30 minutes. then i strained it using a coffee filter. then i cooked it on a mini crockpot until all the alcohol evaporated off. what was left was a hard black solid that i had to scrape off with a knife.
  8. You are supposed to add water near the end so it doesn't get stuck and burn..i thought i posted some videos somewhere
  9. Yeah, I wouldn't recommend doing that, especially with 151. You do not want to smoke that, instead you should just reduce to a low amount, and then transfer into your glycerin and let the alcohol evaporate from the glycerin.
  10. yeah i followed the video and i did add few drops of water. but the problem is i only had little liquid to start with (only used roughly 9-10 grams of bud). the video uses ALOT of bud

    i basically made wax (i dont know what the difference is) i know they sell it at collectives as 'Pure Xtract Wax'

  11. i quit smoking a few days ago.. im only interested in ingesting it now.
  12. So add some more alcohol, dissolve that up again, reduce as much as you want, provided it stays liquid, and then transfer that into glycerin.
  13. You know, there are some days, like today, when I get really, really down. Lots of thoughts about my son's death, struggles since then, other problems in day to day life. Days like today I get those really bad thoughts, like who really needs me and how badly would they be affected if I were gone. Would the grandkids do OK if I weren't here anymore? Cause everything intersected:

    Memories + headache + freezing cold outside + not enough time to do all I have to do today + exhaustion + kids fighting = why am I even here anymore?

    Then I sit at my desk to work, my daughter rolls one, we smoke.

    This day that had me so low I doubted my worth to anybody, now sees me at peace, thankful, introspective (not self-critical.) Listening to Steely Dan with headphones and being in awe of all the layers of instruments playing. Despair gone.
  14. Sometimes I think the same way, but the truth is as humans we have the strength to prosper, and thrive, in spite of all the pain and trauma. We just need to use more of it sometimes.
  15. Yeah, Mary Jane is awesome if your feeling a little down. However you can easily get psychologically addicted to it that way.
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    actually the oil/extract/wax that i made didnt turn out bad at all.. it was just dried up and really spread out in the crockpot (due to the small amount i made) so it was hard to scrape out. when i heated it in a microwave, it became slightly bubbly and oily like the RSO. but just to make it easier to ingest, i melted some coconut oil and transfered the oil/extract/wax that i made to the coconut oil.
  17. My point wasn't that every time you need to feel a little less "down" you run to MJ, not at all. I guess it's more that when someone gets really REALLY down it is a way to pull you out of those deep, deep feelings of despair. I just feel it's so wrong that it is not medically and easily accessible to EVERYONE. I wonder how many lives could be saved from suicide. Obviously someone getting ready to commit suicide has deep problems they need to have addressed by other means,...counseling, or working through things. But I know I've been really low at times and if I had had MJ it may have helped a lot of situations.
  18. I convinced one of my buddies to start to ween off the medication last night. Poor guy .... stupid doctor has him convinced something is wrong with him.

    I told him to smoke weed, everyday. Get off the drugs .. get on some medicine.

    Just say "No!" to your pharmacist.


  19. I am using it for depression and anxiety as well, as well as a few others things.
  20. Just to add to this, i last commented when i was on 2 pills a day from 10 pills since i started smoking bud. I am now OFF my medication! And i owe it all to Bud. Just wanted to let you guys know! :D

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