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marijuana flavored herbs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by terdburglar349, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. Whats herb could i smoke that would taste like and smell like marijuana. Could i find theese at headshops.
  2. You could try some "legal buds" but I have never tried them. If you want somthing that smells like weed buy some coltsfoot and some skullcap and mix em with only a pinch of coltsfoot (its used for cleaning ones lungs) and skullcap is a sedative. They dont look much like weed though. Cant help yah there.
  3. If you're looking to rip people off by selling them something that looks/smells like bud, then you should know that it's just as illegal to sell fake drugs so you might as well sell the real thing.
  4. umm u want it to smell like weed and taste like weed and look like weed then just get some weed and beatin ppl with shit like that is fucked up. jut beet coke head with tyloneal pm and shhit
  5. i wanna get some weed nuggets with no thc and have my friends smoke it and laugh at them when they say there so blazed.. fakes
  6. if your planning on ripping someone off then fuck you man. its such a shitty feeling to get ripped off i hope whoever you sell the fake weed to gets 40 of his homies and kicks the futter shit out of you. if your not trying to rip someone off then sorry for my rant i just hate people who rip other people off.
  7. vaporize it, givem the vap'd bud, ive done it, lol
  8. im not talking about ripping peopl off i just want something that taste like weed
  9. Shut your fucking gansta hood mouth. Dont act all hard on these forums. Did he ever say once he was going to rip people off. I dont think so.
  10. ^^^ I think everyone needs to chill - have a smoke, and say I"m sorry. LoL, keep the peace dudes!
  11. The only real gangster here is Negligent. Ain't nobody scarier than neg.
  12. Yup.

  13. did you read the second thing i said. if he wasnt rippin anyone off then im sorry. i just hate rip off artists they fuckin piss me off.
  14. i got this big sample pack of a bunch of those legal herbs and crap from a headshop near me. they were all crap none of them smell like bud, some of them look like it tho. they included blue lotus california poppy wild dagga some mixes and a bunch of other crap ive never heard of.the only one with real effects is salvia, crazy shit.

    seriously dont buy any of those legal herbs, your paying for fucking sticks and leaves that dont do anything.

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