Marijuana Eyedrops?

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Blazing Leaf, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Not sure if it is possible was stoned with my girl and she got weed in her eye I joked said you can get high from that then.. it hit me medical MJ dispensaries should make Weed eyedrops?! It makes your eyes white as day and still getting stoned :smoke: not sure if its possible but ehh scientist could figure that one out.
  2. That'd be a damn good treatment for Glaucoma right there...
  3. I have a feeling it can be done. Make a glycerin tincture, then do this: How to Make Glycerine Eye Drops |

    It wouldn't get rid of redness... but I think it might work!

    *waits for BKS to enter the thread and post wisdom*

  4. that recipe only calls for 3 drops of glycerin like a whole bottle of eyedrops. I've never had a tincture that was potent enough for that to work.

    that said i'm sure you could figure something out.
  5. Have fun getting people test it lol .
  6. What if the clerks at Headshops sold eye drops like this as Visine. Then we could just be walking down the side walk gettin blaaazed:D:smoke:
  7. Have fun getting pulled over by the police

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