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Marijuana Emergency!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Magels420, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. My name is Megan. I have to give my P.O. a piss test tomarrow. I need to know of something that cleans out my system 100%. Please E-Mail me. Is there anything in my house that would clean it out? Like vinigar or something. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP. email me at Magels420@aol.com if you know ANYTHING.


    Tru Stoner!
  2. Pay some one to do it for ya...
  3. Do they usually watch you piss?

    Because i'm going to have to worry about this pretty soon. Has anyone tried that detoxy stuff??
  4. go to walgreens/gnc and get niacin pills, its whats in detox that cleans your system. i dont know how many to take, but my friends swear by this.
  5. Niacin, 400 mg
  6. The only 100% way i know short of not taking the test is to get on of those guarenteed tests from a head shop. Itll be worth it.,

  7. how long does the weed stay in your system? i gotta get a job soon and dont wanna have to worry about this shit happening to me too :p

  8. That's what I reccommend as well.
  9. "get on of those guarenteed tests from a head shop" you know, when you fail your test after using those and you go to try to get your guaranteed money back, and you tell em you failed a pot test on their product, they say "well hey that's illegal, no money back for you"
  10. wheat grass can clean ur system out in a few hours just got to a health and body store u can get a bottle of 500 for like $30 take like 10 and drink some water u will b clean in a couple of hours. for more info on wheat grass go to www.webmd.com and type in wheat qrass pills a buddy of mine is 17 and his parents took him to some lab in dallas tx and he took wheat grass pills and he pass his test and i personaly have past plenty of test in my day with wheat grass pills

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