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Marijuana effects on the blood

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by DaN Th3 WeeD, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. My mom wants to try marijuana for the first time and we got a recipe we want to try. I just want to know, does marijuana have any effects on the blood ? Does it in any way thin or thicken the blood or change blood pressure ? My mom has a rare problem with her vains and she has clot in a large vain. Should she rather not try the marijuana ?
  2. You said you have a "recipe" , make sure you do research on the effects of the methods you plan to try . Results may be very different if it is inhaled or ingested . Best of luck .:confused_2:
  3. I think it raises blood pressure temporarily, but I could be wrong. Try googling around a bit, make sure you get this properly answered before risking you mom's health.
  4. i think smoked marijuana increases blood pressure temporarily but cooking and eating it either doesnt affect or lowers blood pressure.

    other than that i cant see why it would change blood pressure to a serious degree.
  5. well it makes your heart beat quicker, so it isn't pumping as hard, so your blood pressure may go down

    im not an expert, definitely look it up, but thats my 2 cents
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    Not 100% sure on this, but I think I remember reading it has Vasodilating effects. Or at least in my personal experience, it helps a lot with Raynaud's type things..
  7. Well I had a blood clot and was on warfarin. I asked my doctors if the weed would effect my INR (the bloods viscosity, but you probably knew that).

    They told me marijuana does not change you're INR, though it can raise blood pressure slightly.

    You should really tell you're mom to talk to her doctor about it. They may not be all for it, but they'll tell her if she has any serious risks.
  8. I can't rep you for now, but once again you and your endless list of uber cool med-mar facts saves the day :hello:
  9. well it lowers blood pressure in your eyes, hences its use to treat glaucoma
  10. Actually I think that cannabis decreases intraocular pressure (behind the eyes). That is where the glaucoma relief comes from mostly..that and being stoned.

    Anyway, I forget why the eyes tend to get blood shit, it might have a correlation with the decreased intraocular pressure, or it might not..either way what the fuck do I cay if my eyes are red? One can always blame the allergies.
  11. Doesn't THC kill old aging blood cells?
  12. yea i think it does because i read a document about a study that showed mj helping with cancer patients.

    But I think it also dilates your blood capillaries...
  13. depends on your body fat content and amount smoked,
    if you smoke every day and are over weight you can expect up to 30-days
    if you dont smoke much, you are skinny, and you drink alot of water then as little as 3 days.. see the diffrence?
  14. Perhaps I misunderstood... exactly to what are you referring ? 30 days or 3 days for what?
  15. I think pot is a vasodilator. I think it can increase and decrease blood pressure, depends on the person. If it does increase BP the blood actually flows better. I've toked up and felt an increase in heart rate but it usually passes.
  16. Hey everyone, been using grasscity for plenty of years but finally decided to create an account.
    I see this topic hasn't been updated for a while, but I'd like to know if anyone actually has any relevant info regarding cannabis and inr levels/blood pressure? Or if anyone who actually knows or has heart problems has any experience or knowledge whether its ok. My dad's friend recently had heart surgery and is now on tons of medications...I know he would benefit greatly from using mary, but not sure of any complications b/c of his condition...so I would appreciete any useful information!!
  17. The effect on blood pressure varies.  Overdose raises blood pressure, personal experience.  Anxiety related to intoxication can also raise blood pressure.  Even if the general response is to lower blood pressure the response in not universal of consistent  in everyone all the time.
  18. I had a heart attack a year and a half ago. They put in a stent and removed the blood clot. They also found an inch size hole in my heart. I had open heart surgery a three months later. I have high BP, high blood sugar, CAD, Anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Cannabis protects and prevents heart attacks better than aspirin. It raises heart rate for a bit but lowers bp.  I was taking 27 pills a day and my liver function was poor. My heart surgeon told me I had to stop taking the pain , anxiety and depression med and take what would keep me alive. He told me he was sending in the nurse to talk about my options. She beat around the bush but in the end she told me to use herb. I don't know the issues that would be dealing with but I am now 100% cannabis only not any pills in over a year.
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    My result is similar to yours I'm down to one Rx from 10+ but It was kidney trouble that forced my change in meds.

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