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Marijuana Effects on Serotonin

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Jonsi, Jun 1, 2006.

  1. Well, I was just reading real briefly about this. But scientists have basically concluded that low Serotonin levels is a major reason for depression and anxiety. And isn't Marijuana supposed to help such issues. Within me personally, marijuana helps immensely with my anxiety. With depression, it's basically an escape, which I hate. I smoked this entire past week (never done that without a break before) and yesterday was my first sober day. Well today and yesterday I was in absolute hell depression wise, it was a horrible crash. I can't correlate this 100% to marijuana, but i have a high suspicion it is because I have become the master at repressing, and normally I'm fine. But then I smoked for a week solid, and bam, horrid crash. So, I decided to research this real quick as someone on another thread in the recreational forum made me think that there could be a correlation between Serotonin and Marijuana usage. And basically, in the brief 30 seconds of researching, it said it that marijuana usage blocked Serotonin receptors. And so I put this into my real life, I can understand now why i crashed so hard into a horrible reality of depression the past two days, because I havn't been receiving Serotonin for a week, but I've been high, so I wasn't depressed... but then when I got sober, such low Serotonin levels just threw me into the pit.

    So my question is, a) is this information reliable. It seemed the general consensus was that, yes, it did lower serotonin levels. But if this is true, how come people state it's good for depression, even though in the depression sense I agree it does seem as if it lowers Serotonin. However, in anxiety, I completely disagree. if Anxiety issues are caused by low Serotonin levels as well, how come smoking marijuana, which supposedly lowers my Serotonin levels, makes me anxiety-free?

    I'm really curious what others have come to conclusion as fact with the correlation between marijuana usage and Serotonin.
  2. I've dealt with depression/anxiety for most of my life (not medicated though - not yet anyway), and I can't say there's a corralation between marijuana usage and depression/serotonin levels. It must also vary from person to person.

    I'd do some more research before coming to any concrete conclusions.
  3. I have depression and I know that if im in a very depressed state of mind, smoking sometimes makes it worse for me. I usually have to get myself in a stable mindframe before, then it makes me feel glorious.:smoking:
  4. There are over the counter supplements you can take to boost your serotonin production. One is called 5-htp. I'm gonna start takin those Mon.

    I've had this same problem as well. Depression. Although I don't think mary

    jane plays any major role in this. I think the roots of depression lie back years

    and years before most start smokin mj.

    I think the role MJ does play in depression is lack of drive.
    Think about it. How many people here on GC smoke weed AND are pretty active
    in exercising or biking or whatever.

    I can almost guarantee that the majority of fellow stoners here don't do a whole lot

    of physical activities outside of work. And the ones that are very active I can almost

    guarantee that their depression levels are ALOT less than say you or I.

    just my thoughts. . . .
  5. i have been diagnosed wit depression and have battled it for awhile and marijuana has helped immensley. Mental pain is just like physical pain. If marijuana is treating your physical pain and you must smoke frequently to help keep the pain down its no different from having to smoke frequently to keep from being depressed. You have to find ways to over come your depression with out it, just like over coming the pain with out it. You might use physical therapy for physical pain, may i suggest therapy for your depression? You can also excercise to help you with depression. Excercise will help you gain your serentonin levels back. Some sativa smoke will probably help your depression because its a very cerebral high, so you can try smoking some of that and try doing some artwork or a hobby that will help you stay occupied.
  6. i used cannabis to treat depression and anxiety for a number of years, and of course, i too came across the crashing out. the thing about using something to treat a condition when using that something blocks one of the natural defences is to have something siting there waiting to make up for it. cannabis mainly plays on the dopamine for the happy happy euphoric effects, and thats a totally different kettle of fish to your seratonin which acts king of like your three in one oil keeping your brain in good working condition, and what makes you happy tends to make you smart... its clever like that. anyways, i digress. what i'm getting at is, ... bananas!!! i dunno what else can i say but attempt to find that thread where i went on and on about bananas and seratonin and how they had helped me combat seratonin depletion from "mild" excstacy burn out and depression. really though, ya just gotta take good care of yourself, and fortunately, for those of you not yet acustomed to taking care of yourself, its actually a very enjoyable experience, self massage, meditation, reiki, etc. its all very enjoyable and good for ya too!

    now i'm gonna go see what evidence there is on cannabis blocking seratonin receptors....

    remember..... banaaaaaaaaanas! make it the corner stone of your diet while yer feeling low. i think the potassium has something to do with keeping the flow of seratonin going too. organic fair trade bananas are even better, no kiddin.

    don't take my word for it, i'm just an interested layman. ;) :)

    ps, i couldnt find that thread

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