Marijuana Drying Up - Town Dying.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by What'sThatSmell, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. It marks a sad day for a town when dealers spanning the entirety of it are shaking their heads when asked for some herb.
    Tonight it took me until 9:30 PM to locate a quarter of weed and it smells like Mexican Schwag.
    I'm gaping in awe at the rapid change from just over half-a-year ago when I could get a dank hookup in less than five minutes, now it's taking five hours.

    The entire town is going white.
    Cocaine and Ecstasy are the hot sellers, the small-time dealers are even in on its trade.
    It's pretty unusual to see the poser-dealers pushing actual product, even if in low quantities.
    Even the high school girls are getting into it, they're at the parties hitting the linos.
    This is insane, this is the only town I've ever known, it's known for an extremely low crime rate and to being a "retirement haven" away from Toronto.

    The dealers, of course, are extremely sensitive about the source and I haven't the slightest clue.
    A few months ago there was an article in the papers about a "Crackdown" raid across the downtown sector of my community and they appeared to have severed a connection (Not that I paid much attention to it).
    However now it is back, and the chemicals are being pushed to EVERYBODY.
    Even the freshmen are getting into it.

  2. That sux bro, my town, a few dealers recently got busted and stopped dealing so it gets a it slow.
  3. Just plain sad. Bad too, but that sorta thing makes me sad. I guess I'm too biased against coke and x. Occasional uses are fine, but come on, I'd rather be surrounded by potheads than a few crackheaded highschoolers.
  4. Whereabouts do you live in ontario? Because I live in oshawa and its been a bitch getting pot there lately and everyones just offering me thizz (shitty now) K, and acid (also very shitty now) because the durham police doing their big drug sweep or whatever.
  5. I live in Peterborough, about 30-40 minutes away from Oshawa.
    All of our thizz comes from Scarborough.
  6. haha im about 30 minutes north of toronto, were having no problems up here. Weeds good weathers nice, seems like a pretty good summer so far. Ive had absolutely no problems finding weed since school let out. Hard drugs on the other hand, well I guess you just have to know the right people for that shit but its rare around here.
  7. It isn't very pretty what a town without dank-y'll doooo! I love the title of this thread, it sounds like the title of a reality show, that has really too much reality in it!:smoke:
  8. that means its time to start growing. You'll be the only guy with weed, yadidamean

  9. Same here, bud is pretty easy to find around where I'm living.

    btw MCODE, any relation to the Acton band of the same name? ;)

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