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marijuana drug test?

Discussion in 'General' started by bkbysea, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. I had one puff of pot yesterday and found out today I have a job interview with possible drug test tomorrow. Will I test positive for marijuana? I have not smoked any for years-maybe 15-20. Thanks to all who can give any answers or suggestions.
  2. thats some bad luck u got . 15-20 years! dam i dont know wut to tell ya.i thnk drink lots of cranberry juice.and piss alot.also when u do the test only allow the middle flow of the piss not the beggining or the end.
  3. weed is supposed to stay in ur system for 48 hours after a single use, so you should be strait, u might want to go out joggin or do some kind of exercise to kinda speed up metabolism, and maybe drink some water to slightly dilute it.. but other than that u should be good
  4. yeah... drink water... run... drink some more water... you should be alright
  5. niacin cranberry juice and jogging w/ extra layers of clothing u should be straight
  6. yea buy a bottle of 500mg niacin (not time release) pop two a day, drink some water, youll be straight
  7. damn, tell me how much THAT sucks. what are the chances?

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