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Marijuana drink recipe

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by saintboon81, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. I found this on a flickr group but the guy wouldnt give me any more info on it

    * 1 tsp. ground/dried cannabis
    * 1 tsp. butter
    * 1 shot rum/vodka (optional, but recommended)
    * 1 cup milk (can also work with soy/organic/hemp milk/etc)
    * cinnamon
    * honey

    1) Combine cannabis and butter in pan/skillet/pot over medium-high heat. Simmer until cannabis is barely browning - do not burn! If butter is sizzling, should be getting close.

    2) Add shot of vodka/rum. Cook until around 1/2 shot has evaporated.

    3) Add milk. Heat until steaming. DO NOT BOIL! Stir in honey, as much/little as you would like. This will sweeten it up right. Milk + honey = tasty treat!

    4) Pour into serving dish. Sprinkle in cinnamon.

    5) Enjoy!

    Does this sound like it would be effective in getting you pretty ripped?
    I was also hoping i could brew the milk in some full leaf chai, strain it, adn then add it to the mix instead.

    In general would everyone say that cooking marijuana is more efficeint than smoking?

    And please post any more recipes! im sick of finding recipes for brownies, drinsk online that say, take 1/4teaspong of cannabutter...And then the cannabutter recipe consists of tkaing 300grams and making it into huge portions for storage and year roudn use? sadly i dont have the money or time to do this, any recipes for making batches of brownies with jsut weed and butter and not premade cannabutter, or making ANYTHING that will get you high without premade cannabutter would be greatly appreciated! let me know what you think!
  2. Ugh, I wouldn't want butter in milk. You can make Bhang without the butter. Takes longer though.
  3. bhang requires way more weed because THC isnt as soluble in milk, u cant extract it as well

    or at least i thought, all the bhang recipes i found require lkike a half an ounce for one person..
  4. sure that could work, i personally would rather eat than drink, it doesn't sound tasty to me, i think i would gag.

    Anyway, if you wanna make something interesting, I got something you could try too.

    THC pills

    Make hash, or hash oil, or both, and then get the empty pill capsules they sell at say, GNC, and put the hash and hash oil into them, they work great. They sell them for 20 euros for 2 in amsterdam, good times.
  5. I read about a drink you can make called green dragon that just uses alcohol. I've never made it or made anything with cannabis before but I'm curious if it works. If I had enough bud I would attempt but I dont want to risk destroying any bud. A google search for green dragon drink returns hundreds of pages with instructions on making it:

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