Marijuana doctor cleared in Colorado case

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    updated 5/14/2011 11:56:32 AM ET 2011-05-14T15:56:32

    CENTENNIAL, Colo. - A Colorado doctor accused of writing a shoddy medical-marijuana recommendation has been cleared by a suburban Denver judge who said the physician didn't violate the law when he recommended pot to an undercover police officer who complained of back pain.
    Dr. Toribio Robert Mestas was cleared of charges including forgery and marijuana distribution. Arapahoe County District Judge Kurt Horton ordered the case thrown out last week after finding that Mestas complied with constitutional requirements about recommending medicalmarijuana[​IMG].

    Mestas was charged after recommending marijuana to an undercover officer who complained of back pain and trouble sleeping but didn't tell the doctor he had "severe pain," a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. Mestas testified in court that such a diagnosis was implied.

    :mad: This is about as low as it gets - does law enforcement have no shame? I'll bet if that same fuckin' cop went to 10 other doctors, he'd walk out with prescriptions for vicodin and ambien - no problem there folks, as long as you don't mind opiated sleep-walking zombies driving cars around in the middle of the night.
  2. If nothing else, that is entrapment. Yay for the judge. BOO!!! to the cops! Leave us sick and injurred alone!!!

  3. I lol'd. It is absolutely ridiculous how seemingly much time the local law enforcement has on there hands.

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