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Marijuana dispensary's in Washington?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Delta N9ne Tech, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. Um yeah, I know for SURE that there is the wormhole in downtown seattle, and most are ma n pa backwoods type shit, where they meet you at like Costco or some shit..i've been working on one in the Bellingham area soon to open. Look for Delta N9ne Technologies coming soon! All the best hybrids n strains, at a price you can't complain.

    U.g.S and the Delta N9ne family
  2. There are no dispensary's in Washington. The law allows a doctor to recommend marijuana & thats it! You have to find it yourself. And a doctors recommendation is only an affirmative defense in court--you can still be arrested......(but according to my lawyer if you have a recommendation & get busted it will get thrown out)
  3. I had to re-registar as chimama420. The handle suits me better anyways. I just wanted to touch base and get on your list of people to notify when your dispensary opens. I am a mmj patient living in eastern washington. Your right about the wormhole, it's a church. I love the lord but I don't want to have to attend someones church to get medicine. please let me know when I can come visit.

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    hmm in bellingham huh.....
    Sadly though,I moved up here after reading about the town for years and its proximity to b.c. and the seattle scene. Im new to the bellingham area and dont go out to bars or anything (dont drink just burn) so i am not into the scene (grow scene)as much as id like to be. where is a good place to start getting into the local scene..if you dont snowboard and dont drink it seems your excluded especially if your not born local!!!
  5. I will be starting a mmj delivery in one month if any patients are interested. This will be located around lynnwood, south and north everett, washington. There is a huge demand for affordable, quality medicine in these areas. Which is what I'm all about.
    So if you are a qualified mmj patient in washington and your interested, please pm me.
    :D Stay legal, and be safe! GrowGreen
  6. Vancouver Green Growers

  7. The "THC Foundation" is not a dispensary. It is a patient resource center.... Esentially where one obtains a card, and once the right to bare marijuana is obtained you will be givin a list of places to obtain your medications. I know of 15 that I am staring at on a list now, so there are some, and you have full access to this list if you are indeed a qualified MMJ patient.

  8. I am a member of the Emerald Cross in Seattle, and have been there many, many, times. I assure you it is real. Also I have a list of several pharmacies in the greater Seattle area, even some east of the mountains. I will look for the list. I don't feel comfortable posting the phone numbers as they are given out to members only, but PM me.
  9. THC Foundation can't give the list anymore due to some legal issues. I just received my card but can't find where to get the medication. Anyone can provide the initial list?

  10. HI my name is brett and i live in everett i got my card from THCF and i need help finding any thing i was getting from mary best buds and N.W. care givers but i dont know what happen can't get a hold of them any more:( can you help me find my email is and my cell number is 425 344 0014 pls call me or email me and let me know please.


  11. lol..
    you seriously just posted your phone # on a forum?
    Send him a pm man
  12. I'm from THCF and I have also had a very hard time getting ahold of any of the caregivers on the dispensary sheet.

    The few that i have gotten ahold of want a membership fee and an orientation.

    I've had my MMJ for a little while now and i have never had any problems...why cant THCF give out a list of providers anymore?
  13. May my father and I get all the locations from you he has hep c and would like the help? We live´on the eastside and will take all the locations with their information. You can email me at
  14. Will you email me at Dad terminal!!!!
  15. There are 5 that I know of in Spokane. I would recommend the Human Connection on north Market. Fair prices and very friendly service.
  16. WOW! I started this thread quite a while back and when I was looking unfortunately no one had any info, months pass and wow at the responses. Could some of you that have these lists PLEASE PM me a copy? I would be in your eternal dept!
  17. Technically, there is no way to operate a true dispensary in Washington. This is due to the fact that the law states that a caregiver can only provide to one patient at a time. In Spokane they circumvented the requirement by having the patient-caregiver relationship start when a patient entered the store and terminated when the patient left the store. I believe they were recently raided, however, and I don't see legal dispensaries in Washington functioning unless the law is altered.
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