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Marijuana diet

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by hippie john, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. i was thinking, since marijuana gives you the munchies, its probably becasue of higher metabolizm, thus making you hungry. but think if you didnt eat anything even when you were really really hungry. just drink lots of water. the high metabolizm would burn off fat like you wouldnt beleive.

    jsut a thought

    (i love new sections:D)
  2. I used to usually not eat much while high. I drank a lot of lemonade and water, tho. My weight stayed about the same. My weight stayed the same for 2 and a half years (senior year of HS, freshman year of college) and then when I started waiting tables and eating a pop tart, a small salad, and a turkey sandwich and that was it everyday, I lost almost 15 pounds in a month. I went from 5'11", 150 pounds, and skinny to 5'11", 135 lbs, and really skinny. I still can't quite get rid of this damn pudge on my stomach. I'm gonna have to start running again.
  3. yeah, thats linda like me. when i was doin construction work i was a mere 6' 5" ~205lbs. and when i lost my job i stopped eating almost altogether and i went up to nearly 220. when i started eating again i stayed at 220, but it was muscle instead of fat. so i guess marijuana in conjunction with eating right is the best diet.:p
  4. ooohhhh that's another thing, I kinda got used to beeing fed while with my grl, and now that I'm allalone again, I eat only once a day. That's not good I gotta do something 'bout that too.
    gee. the good old days when I trained every day.. when did that end?

    oh yeah, when we seperated..

  5. i'm really skinny. been going up and down for a while...

    the main reason i'm so thin? ... i dont eat enough. simple as that.

    cannabis helps. enough said.
  6. me.. i just used to eat a lot.. then got self consious and just like stopped eating... like half a meal a day... and i got a job thats like a all day workout.. and i lost like 30 lbs... and i gained a lot of muscle.. and since muscle weighs more than fat i guess i lose even more... i dunno... but the munchies are tough sometimes....
  7. yeah, cut up some bud and put it in your cereal.

    i can see the comercial now....

    Bud Puffs!

    it has a kid eating bud puffs, and then goes and stares at a wall.:p
  8. I'm on Atkins too! Heh. Anyway, I have found that MJ is bad for my diet. Because on Atkins, you can't eat sugar. So, when I get the munchies, I totally eat tons of sweet things. Lately, though I haven't been as hungry, so I didn't really eat much while I was high.
  9. I've been on a marijuana smoking diet for 6 years now. I don't really get the munchies like everyone else. I just don't eat a lot to begin with and missjane dosn't seem to help. I could definitely use like 15-20 lbs...anyone got some weight to spare?
  10. hmmm. if marijuana gives you a high metabolism than ill be even more of a skinny little basterd, i mean i already have a super high metabolis, i weigh 105 and im 18, i eat alot and i just cant keep the weight. oh well
  11. Yeah I use the MJ diet too.

  12. I think it'd be pretty hard to keep. "I won't eat! I won't do it! I won't! I won't! I w- ooh, pop tarts!"
  13. Ive read about past studies that tested the effects of marijuana on individual metabolic rates, your blood pressure is slightly increased and so is the metabolism all together if only slightly..its the munchies that'll do you in for on top of that, those who were tested who smoked pot were actually healthier than their non smoking counterparts, at least in terms of over all nutrition and vitamin uptake,

  14. yeah, let them debate over that one for a while:rolleyes:
  15. ROTFLMFAO! Take that Dr. Atkins...the mj diet!

    (Buzz pondering the possibilities...) Now, if we can get a couple of celebs to swear how they lost 10 lbs in 10 days you'll see such a groundswell of public support for legalization, it'll make your head spin!
  16. Buzz is so right. The hypocrisy of illegal mj vs. legal cigs and booze just pissees me off.
  17. Im used that i found a thread already about this because i have actually built an entire diet around weed. Seeing as how i smoke almost every night before i go to sleep. I have found two differant thingsa. If you smoke right befor eyou fall asleep, your metabolism continues to burn through the night, almost as if you where not asleep. Since people alwasy say not to eat before bed because your metabolism is slowed, weed brings the matabolism back up. But if you smoke in the middle or begining of the day, i found that i lose alot more weight when i run, and work out. If i get my food before i start smoking, i can control what i eat, and almost every time i smoke i lose at least .5 to 2 pounds. Its absolutly amasing with a good combination of ewight training and running.

  18. Glad you resurrected this old thread!

    Interesting...I frequently spark one before or during a run in the woods. Its usually more of a spiritual thing to give thanks to Jah while communing with His creation, but I also really enjoy lifting weights and stretching high. I've never noticed any weight loss, but maybe that explains why Snoop Dog is so

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