Marijuana Culture in France

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  1. Perhaps we have the studies that some of the highest % of tokers are from France but yet we don't have any videos of the MJ culture over there so I like to introduce to this video. Bonjour Monsieurs, enjoy!

    [ame=]Little Cannabis Cup in France Docu - YouTube[/ame]
  2. "Le toke, un le toke."

    "Puff, Puff, Passez"
  3. French smokers must have REAL pot etiquette
  4. the art scene and food scene is insane in paris

    i bet it would be awesome to toke up in paris

    just watched a program on it last night
  5. I knew I took French for a good reason. :cool:
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    I like the part where he says distribution of the ganaja and a basket is just cruising around.

  7. such nice poliet and good educate lol haha
  8. Mostly hash available over there, not much of weed but again going to Amsterdam is just a short train trip from Paris

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