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Marijuana Counseling: Discuss

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Captain-Haze, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. I'm pretty new to these boards (been lurking for a bit and decided to join). I believe this would be the best spot to post this as input from seasoned, educated, and wise tokers would be appreciated over other opinions...

    Now, I am getting off probation in two days, and had to attend a marijuana counseling class to complete the probation. I went just tonight and the "counselor", who was actually a pretty cool guy, was throwing out a lot of theories and "facts" attempting to dissuade us from starting up again.

    This ranged from the typical "it ruins your life and deviates you onto paths you don't want", to more interesting talking points which I'd like to hear discussed from a purely stoner (pothead, grass enthusiast, whatever) point of view.

    His main talking point for the whole 2 hours was that marijuana (or for that matter, ANY drug, he seemed to hold it on the same level as any other illegal drug) stunts your emotional growth, and eventually stops it. Using personal information gleaned from questions he asked, he kept reflecting this back onto our lives and pointing out examples.

    He hasn't shaken my faith or my interest, and I would have loved to debate with him, but my objective is to listen and leave and get off probation, not have a discourse with a guy whose whole job revolves around the idea that --Marijuana Is Bad--.

    I guess what I'm looking for is opinions and theories on the idea that marijuana (not other drugs, let's keep it MJ in GC) stunts or stops emotional growth. I'll be coming back to this thread with other things he presented if it takes off at all. Also interesting reasons for legitimate use beyond medical?

    If this belongs somewhere else, let me know please.:smoke:

  2. I have never heard this before, nor have I experienced it or known anyone who has.

    So they're just making more shit up now, huh? :rolleyes:

    Well, I gotta go, the effects of marijuana are making me want to

    (Not really.)
  3. Actually, on the contrary, I think marijuana accelerates maturity and growth. It's a great thing to bring up, as I've pondered the idea many times in the past, and I think there's a large number that feel just in both camps.

    Consider that mental illnesses - disorders, rather - are prone to appear through marijuana. All the claims that say marijuana causes schizophrenia are not completely off base, as I believe that the symptoms just become prevalent through self-medication. Instead of causing schizophrenia, pot merely allows it to appear earlier. On the other side of the spectrum I feel I've really tapped into my emotional maturity through this drug, being able to cope and realize myself much better than I have previously.

    There's also been notions that claim that getting high before bed is a bad idea, for, like other drugs, it can have an impact on your internal psyche. This much I can attest for, as I realize I wake up differently now and my dreams are becoming sporadically more odd.

    All in all, however, I think marijuana, unlike other, more dangerous drugs, only has an accelerating effect on the emotional brain.
  4. no real change in emotional status. just an acceleration of your self. its like. you are you.amplified.

    at least thats how i feel when im high
  5. First off, brilliant thread, Second wow i have always wondered about those classes that "inform" you of the dangers you are putting yourself in when you smoke the weed with its roots in hell. I'm pretty sure i don't know any people that have changed their mind on weed just because of those classes(would like to know if you know of someone). I am willing to bet many of those "facts" he shoots at you could be googled and found proven wrong by studies he chose to ignore. I think people who have never experienced marijuana have a lot easier time trusting "science" other wise if you knew the truth how could you argue his side? Its so ridiculous to criminalize marijuana i think the best word to describe it is silly. The easiest way to make pot look ugly is call it a drug and classify it with cocaine, heroin, meth and what have you. So it basically sounds like he talked to you about drugs for a few hours right after he tells you marijuana is a "hard" drug. sorry to rant got some kb around here after not seeing any for months! also i really feel strongly about how silly the system is.
  6. very interesting thread. Im not really sure how i feel because ive definitely smoked to keep my mind from having to deal with emotional problems i had been going through (break ups, bad days, ect) but then i have also through smoking because of those reasons been able to really look deeply and understand whats going on and pinpoint problems in my life while i was using marijuana. I guess it just depends, its a double edged sword in my case because it can act as a way to run away from problems (bad) but also address on a deeper level than i feel i normally could, emotional problems and personal problems (good) it just depends how you use it
  7. I think it shows you alot of things about yourself, and depending on your reaction, can have a positive or negative impact. Outright dependance on Cannabis or anything else ofcourse stunts emotional growth, seeing as your not doing thing's not weed / drug related, but there is a difference between use and abuse.

    I'm having to sit through these Psychiatry 101 talking points every week too lol.
  8. in my Opinion,
    I believe that people who may have stopped growing emotionally or whatever side afffects he made have mentioned
    are merely just a coincidence that they're smoking the green.
    Sure, maybe I'm wrong, but I believe there's a lot of emotionally mature people out there who smoke weed. And the people who they look at, with personality disorders or are immature, are the ones they catch because they have personality disorders or are immature, Not because they've been smoking weed.
    I'm not sure if that makes sense.. But it makes sense through my eyes. I'm pretty ripped right now.

    Even if marijuana does affect our brain, I'm almost positive it's not a negative affect. It certainly hasn't been for me, at least.
  9. Very insightful responses guys, thanks! I took my last course tonight (two, 2 hour sessions). It was a small, intimate group (6 kids, including me, both nights), and the guy seemed genuinely to know what he was talking about.

    He said he smoked weed for years and years, and seemed like he might have. I suppose I can see where he's coming from, as in; if people smoke marijuana to cope with emotional problems, or as an escape, for the numbing effect, than it can cripple your emotional growth.

    But I think that is one hell of a cop-out. After finishing up my second class, he summed up with something like this; Marijuana stunts your peripheral senses, to the point that what can be perceived as increased focus or interest (in food, in activities, in music) is actually a neglect of sensory input, and the focus of a blind mind. I mean in all honesty he didn't say that but it's how it came across to me and I like to add a little eloquence to these things.

    Regardless I think this thread has good potential, I am a seasoned toker myself (though fresh to GC), and would agree that marijuana has built more bridges for me than it's destroyed. I also think it allows you to find the positivity in negative thoughts,which stimulates emotional growth...I am also happy to say I am officially off probation as of September 30, and do not need to drop again so I have been toking a bit lately after being straight all summer.

    I've got a new respect and love for the herb. Thoughts, comments, questions?
    Keep smokin':smoking:
  10. I assume this guy has never played chess?
    Its called Flow
    Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
    Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  11. i personaly cant comment on whether or not MJ stunts emotional growth. ive been smoking for 6 years and im a well adjusted college student who just happens to smoke alot of weed.

    but i had to go to counseling last year because i was caught drinking twice in the dorms. i decided to be open and honest with the woman and told her that i smoked and i smoked alot. so our weekly sessions turned into debates about smoking. you cant convince them that your right, which we ARE, so dont try. play along and get off probation. humor them, just tell them what they want to hear. your not going to change their mind, so just let it go.

  12. Agreed, this has been my experience (I only had to go to the 2 classes). I was honest the whole time, even though I felt others around me were not being completely honest, and he seemed to harass me a little less for it. Consequently I feel I came off as intelligent and understanding, despite the fact that virtually all last year I was smoking close to an eighth or more per day (before anyone harps on me, it was not all that expensive or I wouldn't have done it).
  13. There is little doubt in my mind that marijuana serves to stunt emotional growth in some people.

    However, the question I'm curious about is: would these people be growing emotionally without marijuana, or would they simply find something else to escape into?

    Consider the guy who teaches the class: he argued that he used marijuana to escape from life's problems. If he never tried marijuana, does that mean he never would have sought out an escape in the first place, or does it just mean that he'd be delivering exactly the same speech except that it would be "Alcohol stunts your emotional growth..." or "World of Warcraft stunts your emotional growth..." etc.

    Along similar lines, I had a good friend whom I am 100% certain was completely addicted to weed (psychologically, obviously). When she thought she might run out, her behavior honestly became scary. But I also knew her before she smoked weed, and during that period of time she exhibited the exact same behavior, but it was always for vodka.

    It wasn't the weed, it was just her personality.
    I don't think "stunted emotions" are any different. People whose emotional growth is "stunted" by marijuana were looking for an "out". They found it with marijuana, but if marijuana wasn't there, it just means they would have found it with something else.
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    A classic example is emotional eaters, who get gastric bypass surgery and then become alcoholics. If you take away one means of comfort, people will find others. "Addiction transfer"

    After Gastric Bypass Surgery, Women Battle Alcoholism - ABC News

    And lets not forget pseudoaddiction, when a person in real physical pain exhibts the classic signs of addiction because they wish to avoid being in agony.

    Given current research into endogenous cannabinoid deficency I wonder how many "non medical" pot users are actually self medicating real, but undiagnosed, medical issues?

    Opioid pseudoaddiction--an iatrogenic syndrome. [Pain. 1989] - PubMed Result

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    Look, man, heres the only downside to pot.

    It costs money unless you grow it, & its illegal to grow it.

    If everyone could smoke whenever they want, as much as they want, where ever they want and however they want, marijunana wouldnt even be a topic of discussion. I know others say a downside is pot makes you anxious/paranoid but thats not the pot, thats you being a pussy.

    Please don't link me to a pussy-ass study that says "Marijuana Stunts Emotional Growth" or any study that is based on 60 people... like.. ROFL.. How about the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS whom have smoked it over the course of thousands of years and fucking LOVED it....
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    I personally think if thats what you want it to do thats what it will. Use Vs. Abuse: A lot of people could abuse a few things that would prb have very similar if not the same negative side effects. A lot of people can just use alcohol on the occasional weekend without being a out of control drunk. Maybe those people who say marijuana is ruining or even hurting their lives should take a look and see if they have self problems before pointing a finger at a plant. Problem is no one wants to admit they have something wrong with them so its way easier to blame the herb they smoke.
  17. from personal experience marijuana definitely is a hindrance on emotional growth.

    Heavy smoking makes me emotionally blunted. Having no emotions about anything. After periods of time when I smoke heavily I feel like if someone very close to me died I probably wouldn't be to impacted by it.
  18. ANY substance or behaviour in excess stunts your growth.

    when someone smokes weed or uses other substances to the point where it prevents them from being able to work,go to school, socialize, pay bills, or to the point where it affects their physical well being, then you have an underlying issue. The issue isn't with the substance the issue is that the individual can't recognize and deal with their problem, and they use a substance or behaviour to deal with their problem.

    most people use weed/alcohol with little to no effect on their lives

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