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  1. I know this has been asked time and time. But maybe You guys could further share with me the cost of weed where you're from. (optional) Just tell us the cost and what state/country you're from so i can estimate variables:wave:

    How much do the following cost where you're from:

    Eighth aka Half Quarter (3.5gram)

    Quarter Pound (7gram)

    1 Ounce (28gram)

    1 pound (450gram)

    1 kilo (1000gram)

    dimebag (how many grams is yours?)

    dub (how many grams is yours?)

    c note (how many grams is yours?)
  2. 20 pounds for 3.5grams of weed 8th
    40 pounds for 7grams of weed 1/4oz
    70 pounds for 14grams of wed 1/2oz
    120 to 130 pounds for 1 oz of weed
    875 to 925 pounds for 9 oz
    1,725 to 1,800 for 1/2 killo
    3,200 to 3,300 for killo

  3. also 10 bags thats a tenth

  4. quarter pound is 4 oz. i think you mean 1/4 oz
  5. In Québec, Canada :

    Eighth aka Half Quarter (3.5gram) : 20$CDN

    Quarter Pound (7gram) : 40$CDN

    1 Ounce (28gram) : 160$CDN

    1 pound (450gram) : Don't know

    1 kilo (1000gram) : Don't know

    Price are variables....but those price are for mid-high grade weed.

  6. Eighth: 30-60$
    Quarter: 65-100$
    1 Ounce: 150-320$
    1 pound: 2400-3200$
    1 kilo: No Idea

    Northeastern Massachusetts

    the stuff we get here is rarely good stuff. The stuff I smoke 99% of the time doesn't have single crystal on it, but it does the trick. I've decided to start saving for a 1-2 oz's of headies though, when they come around.
  7. so illinois
    grow your own...priceless!!

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