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Marijuana consumption on short-term memory and re-call

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by mTOR, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. I'm looking for the experiences of multiple people in regards to the affects of smoking and your retention capacity of small details after the high and the day after. For the sake of this thread I think it's appropriate to mention i'm going through, and not necessarily trying to memorize (depending what stage I'm in of the chapter), detailed and extensive medical information 6-9h/d.

    My main concern here is that if I toke, the short-term memory suppression will impair my ability to retain and process what I just finished reading regardless of it only having an effect during the high, thus hindering the process of short-term memory conversion into long-term memory and impairment of re-call the next day. I'm trying to keep the amount of times I have to go back to re-learn/review/re-memorize information to a minimum, as that takes a'lot of time and effort. There is also the concern about the affects on REM sleep which i'm convinced would hurt my progress. I can't smoke during the day because that's when I study so it's usually in the evening type thing.

    Please help because I enjoy THC but if I must abstain then I will.
  2. For me personally, I've been smoking daily for over 15 years, and I still have extremely vivid dreams almost every night. My memory is better now compared to when I was younger. Short term and long term.

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