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  1. Hey guys, it seems like me and my buddies have some crazy nick names for bud. We call it sand, I will explain. It all started because of my good friend who has always been called "Sanders". He is one of those kids who can act sort of out of it, or high when he is completely sober. So one day maybe about 4 years I decided to call bud "Sand" that was that. I never would have thought it would turn into to what it is now, its not just "sand" instead of bud anymore. There are sandboxes, sanders buzze's, we can get sandy, you can be sand blasted, you can go to the beach and get sand in your pants, and there are many more that I cant think of at the time because im too sandy from this blunt to the head :smoking:.

    I will explain some of the lingo. A "sand box" is basically a baked out car, room, or anything of that sort, makes sense right? We rarely ever say that guy is definatly blazed, we would say "That guy is real sandy" or "yo you look like you came from a beach". A sand blast is basically a contact high, if your with a friend who dosnt smoke much you can blow sand (marijuana smoke) into their face and chances are the'll get a sanders buzz. Gettin the hang of it yet? The term "sanders buzz" is a good one and one of my favorites its came about because my good friend Sanders, whom I mentioned at the beginning always acts sandy (high). So when your just a little buzzed your having a "Sanders buzz".

    I share this with my fellow stoners (I have a friend whos last name is stoner, thats a whole other story maybe ill post up later about it), in hope that I can spread the Sand Lingo. I think its a great thing once you get the hang of it because you can tell your parents or even police that your going to play in your friends sandbox (baked out something) or your going to get sandy at the beach (a place where theres a lot of bud) and they will think its completely normal and have no idea there is a reference to marijuana.

    Id like to hear what you guys think of "Sand" and if you have any other good names for it.
  2. My friend used to ask people over the phone if they wanted to "eat pizza." The kind we would eat out of a bowl lol.
  3. Ganja
    Whacky Tabbacky
    One Hit Shit
    Good Shit
    Indian Hay
    African Bush
    Aunt Mary
    Mary Jane
    Blue Smoke
  4. in middle school, my friends and i used to call cigarettes muffins around parents. i don't even remember where that came from.

    there isn't really a regular code name, but my friend described a 'salad with onions and red peppers' to me once when her mom was looking at her computer. :D
  5. My favorite is pakalolo. Its Hawaiian for weed.
  6. Contabulate- Term used for smoking weed.
    Contabulator- Someone who smokes weed.
    Contabulation- The process of smoking weed.

    We made this up in grammar school. I still use it til this day. :)
  7. gueedo is one i got from a fren..but we mainly use jamaica..

    • hey yu got sum jamaica
    • yo yu on jamaica yet?
    and if ur past jamaica and say eitha , idk whr im at or on sum sort of planet or space related term wich means ur geekin or stoned

    as ma boy whud say " lets get stoned lyk jesus " lmao
  8. Getting high/stoned:

    To the moon
    Like a kite
    Go sailing
    Shuttle Trip
    Lit up
    Take a trip and never leave the farm
    Swimming in the clouds
    Jumbo Jet
    Couchin' it
  9. k_semler nailed it but I can add:

    Incredible Hulk
    Jolly Green Giant
    instead of doobs or doobage - Doobie is the 70's term for joint

    Getting high:

    Torn Up
    Spicoli (Fast Times at Ridgemont High reference)
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    Don't forget (getting high/stoned):

    Fucked Up
    Smoke Rope
    Couch Locked


    And for REALLY old terms for cannabis:

    Devil's Plant
    Bane of our Youth
    Destruction of our Youth
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    Sand terms are pretty cool, all I can think of atm is getting high is blazing and we call GBs pissers or waterfall pissers..

    But their diffrent then how GBs are made, same concept tho

    OH and this dealer I know calls all grinded up weed areagano (idk how to spell lol) even if he watches it get grinded lol
  12. Around here, we always say high top sneakers. It confuses anyone who is listening because they think that you are buying shoes.

  13. haha maybe your dealer really is selling areagano and you just dont know it... :eek:
  14. If I text my dealer, I ask if the "produce man" is in town. Or if I can get some "broccoli".

    That's about it, don't really need codenames if it's legalized. :smoking:
  15. My cousin and I call it the Boosh.
  16. We would always say we were going to pick up a pizza, or order pizza when we were gonna go get some cheeba! cheeba!
  17. When we were kids we would call it hockey. And would say do you wanna play hockey? Now i jus call it by its name unless im around my parents which i wont talk about it at all of course. I should have nothing to be ashamed of unless talkin about it will get me in trouble.
  18. My dad just calls it C when he's giving me a lecture about how bad it is.
  19. When we're out playing golf and smoking we call it ... Eddy
  20. My friends and I call it getting shocked and going to church -.-

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