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Marijuana clearing my sinuses?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Jake n Bakee, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. So yeah, I have allergies and i take allergy medicines and they help but for the most part, my sinuses/nose is still clogged 24 hours a day...
    except when i toke. Whenever I smoke my nose clears up COMPLETELY, its amazing being able to really breathe out of my nose for a long time.
    Anyway, why is this? Does anyone know why marijuana effect me in this way? I doubt I could ever get a medical card for this, but if I could this would be amazing... its annoying have allergies 24/7
  2. I think it opens up your capillaries, its good for asthma too (surprisingly)

  3. Really? I have asthma, maybe that's what it is? Because I know that my allergies/asthma are pretty much codependent on each-other, bad allergies=bad asthma and vice versa.
  4. Its probably better in the long run to cook your bud into food or alcohol as tar build up would most kikely be bad for those things when your not high but I know what you mean, it definetly clears things up, sometimes makes things watery
  5. Its cannabis' anti-inflammatory properties that clear your sinuses.

    I know cuz its the same thing for me. I haven't been able to properly breath out of my nose for about 4 years now, except for when i get really medicated. Then and only then can i breath.
  6. pot makes my allergies worse and better. it's weird.

    shortly after i smoke, when i get all of the physical rushes of being high, all of the blocked sinus passages throughout my head instantly feel 1000x more full. like my entire head is being filled with helium.

    then after a bit everything opens up and my breathing is perfectly clear. crazy
  7. I definitely get allergy relief and I am not taking any allergy meds.
  8. A J and a shower get me opened uuuuup.
  9. Sometimes when I'm smokin chronic I'll take a hit and just feel completely cerebral like all my sinus issues disappear.

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