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marijuana chewing gum?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by XxGanjaXXGOD, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. is there any possible way to make marijuana chewing gum?has anyone ever tried doing this?please ring in on this
  2. i never though of this but thats a fuckin good idea man. it think its possiable but probably hard to make because i did some homework and the 5 basic ingredients to make gum are: gum base ( dont know if you can just buy that ) sugar, any other sweetener, corn syurp, and softner (dont know what that is).

    i dont know if it could work but you should try it.
  3. I kind of made thc gum, by that I didn't make the gum itself but used a thc tincture mixed with a gum I bought at the store. I really really like it.
  4. haha you bought up old painful memories, me and my mates tried it once. We extracted the THC into an oil using the alcohol method. its like making green dragon with alcohol but burning the alcohol away in an eletric fry pan (flames would ignite the alcohol vapour) then you get left with an oil. I was givin one of those gum making kits a year earlier and it was just sitting idiol, so we used it and in the step where you add the flavour to the mix we did so but along with our thc oil. during the refridgeration part of the process to make the gum tough and not gooey my mother saw fit to clean out the frigde in the shed. and threw away this unexplainable tray. i gave protest and she simply said oh im sorry ill buy you another kit .... so i dunno if it works guys, i would love to found out..... one day. if you try it out please get back to me
  5. I have a feeling it wouldn't work because you just chew on gum, you don't swallow it. I mean think about it, one thing that every edible has in common is that you digest it and thus get the THC. I think if you just chewed on it there's no way you'd get high, just like if you chewed on a weed brownie for 20 minutes but didn't swallow any of it you probably wouldn't get high.

    (I could be wrong)
  6. Yes but by chewing on it, saliva comes from it, do you swallow it cause I know I do. Haha so it might work but I don't know.

  7. Saliva comes from your mouth not gum, and what does swallowing your saliva have to do with it. I doubt the miniscule bit of matter that is absorbed into your saliva would be sufficient to get you high. That's just my two cents though, once again I could be wrong haha.
  8. I've seen it in dispensaries and given to patients with cancer or AIDS, so it's gotta do something. I don't know how, but it definitely works.

  9. Actually I think your right.
  10. There are quite a few other methods of oral intake that don't involve smoking - I've seen strips, lollis, sucking candies and tinctures...gum I haven't seen yet.
  11. Never seen any gum but, sounds interesting. Imagine chewing on a fruity bubble gum piece and getting high as fuck blowing ganja bubbles?! Sounds like a dream.
  12. couldnt you make a tincture of thc activated oil? you would swallow it with the saliva thats produced, i dont see how this cant work
  13. the thc gum (which I've bought) from dispensaries has thc extract in it and I think it's baked with kief in it (there's a little round bit in the center). Or at least, it claims to have these things in it. It worked pretty well.

    Regarding saliva/not saliva, you're also swallowing "flavoring" that comes in the gum. And does anyone remember Freshen up gum or those gums with liquid centers?
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    and lol


    and more

    does your internet not come with google? i'd check in to that if i were you.
  16. Your whole mouth is a mucous membrane, by chewing the gum, your saliva breaks down the fat in the gum and it is absorbed by the membranes.
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