Marijuana Chewing Gum

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  1. So it finally arrived folks...

    Putting a Buzz into Chewing Gum

    Cannabis infused chewing gum :hello:. Only in select states but it shows the cannabis science industry is on the rise. What will they come up with next?
  2. Haha perfect way to be high in college during classes :D

  3. Canna gum has been around since the 80's - 90's. :)

    Here's past post I made on the topic...


    For anyone interested, Cannabis Gum, is made EASILY!!! by buying your favorite gum making kit, such as the one offered by 'Glee' (or better, we use various medical grade gum base/s for controlled, and better release of active chemicals).

    The kits usually come with convenient, disposable trays, used for heating and melting the gum base.

    Simply add the desired amount of potency (or number of doses) via a fully activated, bioavailable glycerin hash tincture, in place of a portion of the syrup... we use rice and simple/invert syrups, most folks use corn.

    You can create sticks of gum, bite-sized chunks, even 'gum-balls' with fruity-tincture fillings... [​IMG]

    Glycerin tincture is especially useful for rapid sublingual and buccal absorption... in other words, under your tongue and in your cheeks! And swallowing the tincture, works even better, although it takes a few minutes longer to kick in.

    (You can buy various styles of gum base and a larger number of suitable trays separately, for much less money, if you plan to make canna gum regularly... the kits are a bit expensive for what they are, but they are affordable and priced right, for a one-time fun experience.)

    The below are a few types of chicle gum base, choosing from a variety of different sized and shaped particles, which have been pressed or treated in different ways, can allow you to control the speed of the release of your meds;

    Unfortunately, if you want medical grade gum bases you generally need to buy a few dozen, to a few hundred pounds per order!

    Although, sometimes they'll send you a free sample pound if you ask nicely. [​IMG] [​IMG]


    You can also choose another powdered 'sugarless/sugar-free' sweetener of your choice, if you need to avoid powdered cane sugar... that, plus the glycerin instead of corn or invert syrup, or even agave nectar, and you have a 'healthy' and highly effective, medicated gum. [​IMG]

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