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Marijuana causing nightmares?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by macintyre, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. My girlfriend doesn't like smoking weed because it always gives her nightmares. Weed helps a lot with her with digestive track issues and it would be good for her to get a medical card (i have the same issues and have my med card). she doesn't want to though because every time she smokes it she has really vivid nightmares. Why could this be happening and how can it be fixed?
    notes: she has only ever tried pipe and bong and joint
  2. does she ever act out those nightmares in real life?
  3. I have nightmares when I dont smoke.
    When I smoke I dont dream at all, or I cant remember them.
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  4. Yes, she told me she had once before, when she first tried weed. That is why she stopped and has never tried again until just recently
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  5. Could be a sleep disorder we are not suppose to be able to move while asleep. Has she ever been checked for a sleep disorder?
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  6. So how long has your gf had these chronic weed induced nightmares.
    And how about she doesn't go to sleep high. I can't imagine her smoking a
    jay at the crack of 9(a.m.) and thus another sleepless night thanks to MJ.
  7. Eating a mild Cannacutical for breakfast might make the rest of the days eating a little more comfortable.
  8. As for how long it's been happening, last year she started smoking weed in the summer for about a week until she acted out one of these vivd nightmares and she stopped and only till about last week did she care to try it again. And as far as I know she hasn;t been tested for a sleep disorder
  9. I've injured my self and came close to injuring my wife acting out nightmares in the past. It is worth talking to a MD about. Preferably a Sleep Dr. Getting a sleep disorder taken care of if one exists could make treatment of the gastric disorder with MMJ much easier.

    Some Gastroenterologist's believe than GERD is a symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The issue being that the pressure required to open the gastric passage into the esophagus is less than the pressure required to reopen the airway and stomach acid is expelled before the airway opens.
  10. I have nightmares when i dont have weed, while im awake.
  11. ^ ahaaha ... When I smoke I don't have dreams or at least I don't remember them , but im gonna go on a mini t break till sunday so I'll have some lucid dreams . Had one like 2 days ago it was tight . I always try to lucid dream when I don't smoke for a while . / rant
  12. Nightmares are the shit!
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    Its kind of the opposite, when i dont smoke i have nightmares.

  14. same here.

    its more common because smoking before bed can interfere with rem sleep
  15. I only remember a dream like once a year. But whenever I do the dream is INCREDIBLY vivid. I got to fuck my mom's hot friend in one of them. Was awesome as shit. But yea she might have a sleep disorder op get that checked out.
  16. Every dream I have when I smoke is always a nightmare of getting caught smoking. Occasionally I'll have dreams that anti weed people that I know finally accept cannabis.

    They all relate to weed and most are nightmares. I've stopped having them recently though.
  17. I know this is a old thread but the nightmare thing happened to me last night which is why im looking it up lol. I took a 50mg edible and went to sleep and holy shit the nightmare i had was like i was actually their! My brother actually came in because i was fighting whoever i was dreaming about. Idk if bud causes them but i defiantly think it makes em feel more real!
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  18. Most people will not be able to sleep well if their THC levels are peaking two hours into an edible. It will energize you and if you are able to fall asleep you could have weird dreams. If a person's state of mind is troubled they'll have nightmares.

    Before I started smoking weed I had a lot more sleep issues. Maybe once or twice a week it would be either sleep paralysis, vivid nightmares, or severe muscle spasms.

    Now if I don't medicate about 6 hours before going to sleep I will dream my ass off. Unless you plan on not getting up early the next day edibles are better taken several hours before sack time.
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  19. exactly, I've found that the come down time after an edible is a great time for sleep... the relaxing come down from 33,000 ft and a soft safe landing on your pillow = zonked
  20. Try edibles u never know. Also if she is doing this for just her health try cbd strains or oils etc. That could help her medically wise

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