Marijuana causing lung problems

Discussion in 'General' started by Ypres, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. After seeing some threads that were asking questions as to what marijuana does to the lungs I decided to google search a bit and found an article stating "Bullous lung disease due to marijuana." It also said that MJ users get bullous lung diseases much earlier than tobacco users. This article was all over the google search and was interspersed with other articles saying that MJ does not cause lung cancer, emphysema or other lung diseases. this is the article:

    Now the most interesting part (and most insidious) is that this study consisted of TEN people. These people had already come into the hospital with problems and were selected because they had smoked marijuana. Now, for a study to be conclusive it generally needs at least over 30 people in order to get a true understanding as to what is going on. Also, the idea that these people all lived in the same area probably indicates an environmental effect such as factory smoke or pesticides. Furthermore, it does not state whether tobacco or other drug use was involved in causing the problem. The chance of coincidence or an outside cause not related to marijuana is ridiculously high with this study and nearly every other study I have seen (all much larger sample pools) show that MJ does not cause or at least only marginally causes lung disorders.

    What is scary about this study is that it became popular so quickly and was posted everywhere. We (MJ users) have to deal with tiny, bullshit studies that don't even follow the scientific method in defending the use of a plant that has many medicinal purposes. I don't want to be harming my health with weed, if it was like tobacco I wouldn't use it but as far as I can tell from the massive amounts of research, it does very little to harm your lungs. Albeit, it isn't exactly fantastic for them either. Basically, keep healthy and work out and you will be fine. The fact that this one mini-study gets so much media time shows we are on the defense.
  2. That's interesting; I'd never heard that before.

    Take it for what it's worth but I've done my own research. :smoking:

    I have smoked from two to five joints per day, every single day for over twenty years now and every time I see a doctor they tell me my lungs look and sound good. Other than high BP that runs in my family I'm completely healthy.
  3. All bullshit. I'd be more worried bout my liver because I drink alot.
  4. Exactly. I am not saying smoking is healthy just that it won't kill you like tobacco does. I just hate seeing bullshit studies shown to be fact in many, many scientific journals.

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