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Marijuana causes brain damage..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by success, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. lol do they really think people will stop smoking weed because of this ? im rolling up right now so i can be certified brain dead for the next few hours. idc idc idc
  2. Thats fake. It doesnt "damage" the brain.... It causes short term, which is the cause of "inability" to learn... Marajuana doesnt put holes in your brain or anything like that lol.
  3. That's not proof, that study had ZERO data lmao.

    Compared with 33 'healthy' people, hahah.

    In terms of kids using pot, I don't think the data is there yet, I'm not someone who thinks anyone under 18 should be smoking pot, but I really don't care either.
  4. it doesnt cite anything. lol. where is this study? is it published anywhere? fail of a news story. i'm not so closed minded that i couldnt believe its damaging but a report that doesnt even cite it's sources doesn't sway me one bit
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    They're stretching and reaching to try and make up excuses for the new, harsher cannabis policies in Australia, thanks in part to the 'skunk scare' over in the UK.

    There are already two or three threads on this 'article' (not going to give it any credit by calling it a 'study') that have been made over the last two days... but here's my post from the last one;


    This 'study' includes less than 100 subjects... which is not exactly scientific, especially when compared to studies including larger numbers of patients and subjects, that have been unable to prove a connection between cannabis use and brain damage.

    Even pretending this study was anywhere close to being large enough to be accurate or conclusive, they can look at grey matter and relative 'brain size' all they want, but truth be told, we know precious little about how the brain functions regardless of the size of certain areas, but we do know that size in terms of brain function does not 'always' mean 'better', or 'worse'.

    edit - For the record, Einstein's brain was on the low end weight-wise and smaller than average adult male brain, but it was its ability to function, and its capacity to process information (perhaps due to his increased glial cell-count, or his glial-cell to neuron ratio) which contributed to his intelligence and perception.

    That aside, on a personal note, I've been using cannabis for decades. I began a few years after I became ill, and have smoked ever since I was a young teenager (as have many incredibly enlightened, and intelligent individuals in our society!) but I'm not very often described as being an idiot, or mentally underdeveloped..

    Back when I was in school, I skipped my optional study periods in place for taking additional classes, and had quickly taken all the courses my high school had to offer while other students struggled with the average course load. I also spent my lunch and break periods in the library.. I never took home a single piece of homework. I never had to, it was finished by the end of the day. I hated homework. [​IMG]
    By my senior year, the local administration and school board ordered me to develop and present new courses for the school, so I could avoid graduating early, or repeating the few courses you were allowed to repeat (which would have rendered me a part-time student, and would have prevented me from participating in senior class trips, and attending graduation ceremonies with my classmates)... they were also planning ahead, on the off-chance another industrious student happened along, they would be prepared with additional courses and independent studies in the future.
    So far as I know, that's yet to happen. I still sometimes keep in touch with a few of my old teachers, some were young at the time and still work there now... we were close enough to the same age at the time, and I spent so much time working with them on the side, that I was more friendly with them, than I was with many of my classmates. [​IMG]

    (Not to say that it matters either way, but it's probably worth mentioning that before I began smoking, I was basically an average student. It could just be that, where I felt better, I was able to put in more effort.)

    But you know... according to a study concerning a total of 91 people, only 33 of whom had never used it, all that pot 'must' have damaged my brain. [​IMG]

  6. Fuck that study! *Lights blunt*
  7. Now this makes sense on why some of the presidents make stupid decisions...
  8. What the lol :poke:

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