Marijuana causes brain damage, find Australian scientists

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  1. Marijuana causes brain damage, find Australian scientists |

  2. lol, 10 or 11..what do you expect.

    i dont think the brain fully develops till your 18-20.
  3. Ignorance causes brain damage
  4. That's all you guys can reply? I'm far from ignorant mate.
  5. Poor carl sagan... poor joe rogan... ohh goodness, ben franklin, you poor poor man. Your brains are fucked.
  6. Why is the control group twice as large as the ones tested, a simple MRI done once after 10 to 15 years of use does not take significant variables into consideration, and im srry to say but other "drugs" have similar effects, i would know I've done them. Also the ability to learn aspect needs to be elaborated on more because that meaning is far too broad. Plus ethnicity, age, gender, social conditions, geographical location, and diet all play factors. This report should be more detailed and credited by constituents of a unrelated nature. This still sounds theoretical, more research is needed for such a claim
  7. What drug doesnt cause some form of hindering to a childs growing brain? llol....Im already 21 no wonder im using weed and not retarded
  8. It doesn't say anything about the people's other habits. For all we know the cannabis smokers might be more likely to also indulge in tobacco or alcohol, which would factor in. The scientists also could not have known what all these people brains were like before the test. This is a correlation study and as such in no way proves a link between cannabis use and brain damage.
  9. This is just another reason to legalize. Keep it away from kids.
  10. There should be a disclaimer at the bottom of the study:

    "Despite this finding, cannabis has thousands of industrial, medicinal, and recreational benefits for adults"
  11. Good thing I don't listen to them down under! Yeah, i'm ignorant.
  12. like this guy, im happy i got introduced to mary later in life turning 21 in 10 days so no brain damage for me? :hello:
  13. I agree with some previous posters, did the 80 percent of people who showed disruption of white matter also drink, smoke tobacco, take exctacy, smoke meth, opiates, eat too much toothpaste with flouride, etc, etc...?

    Not conclusive.

    I was reading a few scientifice research papers on THC and dopamine to find out if THC released dopamine from our brains into the blood and the papers said yes, at least in lab rats.

    My question to the scientists who conducted these studies is this (the THC was intravenously administered, I.V.), " What solvent was used in the THC shots? THC is not water soluable( it does disolve in alcohol and fat), was alcohol used?"

    I ask because alcohol does release dopamine into the blood and I just can't imagine scientists shooting THC laced vegtable oil into a vein, at the same time maybe fat can release dopamine? McDonalds addiction?

    The point I am getting at is that it seems like pot farmers conduct studies far more scientificaly then these scientists do, at least we take into acount every variable we can imagine in a hazed "stupor", tempeture, Ph, EC, light, genetics, vegetation time, root mass, beneficial microbes, basically every fuckin thing that factors into the life of the plants we are growing.:hello::cool::smoke:
  14. If it actually caused brain damage there would have been a massive study published by very acredited people long ago (cant say smoking at 10 years old can be very good though). They have tried to demonize pot for a long time and if this simply held any merrit it would be a lot bigger news.
  16. You link Prince? Booooooh Booooooh Booooooh.

    Just kidding, I tease I tease. Different strokes for different folks but your strokes are wierd.
  17. Like previous posters said, how holistic was the research? We don't know the test subjects' eating habits, drinking habits, daily routines nor anything.

    Do they drink alcohol regularly? What about other drugs? Do they eat out often or eat "peel the top & stick in the microwave" type food?

    MSG (often found in take out foods, pre-mixed sauce and stuff), Aspartame (diet sodas, sweeteners...), E-number chemicals, microwaved food & plastic containers, Aluminium, Fluoride..... the list goes on and all those things are believed to cause some brain damage.

    Without knowing the whole history of the person's habits, how could they know if it was the Cannabis caused the brain damage?
  18. Dr Marc Seal is just in his 'fellowship' and is not yet a real professional 'Doctor'...he is doing research he is 'CONTRACTED' to do right now...but the Uni isn't telling anyone who is paying for this research...wonder if it's the same groups that paid for the schizo 'study'
  19. I take it they were inhaling smoke that whole time and not vaporizing? So does inhaling carcinogens cause brain damage or THC?
  20. I started smoking in 5th grade, every day Monday thru Friday before my paper route, then became an every day smoker a few years later. That's 26 years, with a few off, I would say at least 20 years of THC, what where we talking about again...Just kidding.

    I do agree that this is not something I want my children doing until there older, the same reason I don't want them watching violence, eating lead paint, or surfing Porn, some things need to be left for adult hood.


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