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Marijuana caused my gastroperesis?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by FriedFriend, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. the doctor says that marijuana caused my whole digestive tract to get stoned, and stop functioning properly. i am off weed, currently getting better, but it didn't cure its self by just abstaining. had to really take care of myself as well. i would call bullshit, but i noticed some kind of correlation. i was diagnosed with functional dyspepsia with cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. i don't vomit, just have intestinal and stomach pain. it started with heartburn, then progressed into ibs, bile reflux dyspepsia and ulcer symptoms. probably should have taken more magnesium, and drank more water when smoking. its known that cannabis causes gastroperesis, but i guess i got the bad end of that. i seem to be figuring it out. exercise and magnesium and water and i bet i will never get this again. ever happen to anyone??
  2. Hi again mate,

    Guess this happened over the festive period then :(

    From what I have read on my travels, cannabis is thought to cause gastroparesis. How true that is I dont know but I guess your doctor thinks it is. I think I said on another thread, if you suffer from gastroparesis then I am guessing just stopping using cannabis will not stop your pain (hence why your still poorly)

    There will be many things that will slow your stomach down I am sure. Things ranging from physical foods to stress etc. I guess you need to find out what triggers your stomach to stop and completely avoid those things. I would start with an elimination diet. Every week take something out of your diet and see if things could find something simple like removing gluten (I say simple obv not) may drastically improve you, allowing you to even continue smoking maybe!

    Hope ive helped
  3. #3 FriedFriend, Jan 6, 2013
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    actually slowly getting back on track. i feel great just worried to start smoking again to want to end up with ibs, constipation again. magnesium is the best shit. maybe we should just go back to the chs post? i just wanted to differentiate gastroperesis with cyclical vomiting. although gastric stasis can cause vomiting, this is what happens in chs if I'm not mistaken. i found i had to drink fucking gallons of water to cure the symptoms.

    i have always had a slow digestion, I've always had some days where i don't shit. but i think the relation to cannabis, is that a lot of it brings me over that edge, where shit just can't pass. oddly enough the bile reflux caused a mini ulcer.

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