Marijuana Car Crash

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by magicalbrownies, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Hey guys i thought id share this article that was in my local newspaper last week. It was about a guy who has crashed under the influence of marijuana. now this guy admitted he was high and everything. but heres what gets me they said this guy was swerving and driving recklessly. marijuana does not impair your jusdgement to the point where youve lost all motor skills. this guy CHOSE to drive recklessly. He made a bad decision and has to take responsibility for it like a man. But this should not be blamed on marijuana, rather the person. I just feel they put wayy too much emphasis on the weed than the person. It certainly doesnt help our cause when i see this shit. man im high but fuck pigs
  2. Well.. share it :p

    Put the article online :D
  3. Yeah! Come on! Post it!
  4. that guy was a fucking idiot. you don't swerve and drive recklessly on marijuana.
  5. no i wouldnt say that.. He could have been wayyyy too high to operate a motor vehicle.

    Could have been freakin out.. only problem i have is that when you are too high... you know it.. unlike drinking..

    and i would be scared as fuck to get behind the wheel if i knew i couldnt do it.
  6. ^exactly it is not marijuana's fault it is the dude's irresponsible actions. I mean I drive high all the time but there is a certain level that once crossed I will not drive until I come down a bit. People just need to learn to be responsible and know when they can and can't drive.
  7. especially when blaring portishead.. then u cant drive because ur too into the damn music.. learned that one myself.. turned off the radio.. then continued on my way to Jack in the box.
  8. people shouldnt drive when smoking either way .. and that sounds weird swirving etc
  9. I love driving on weed, I mean how else can you get lost on the interstate. It only goes two ways.
  10. I get way better mileage when im high
  11. Well, there is a difference between high and really high. I love driving high, but wouldn't do it really high. And beginners should never drive while high or really high. I get better gas too, because you tend to drive slower and drive a little more relaxed on the throttle.
  12. No idea if this is the right article????

    Its the only thing in So.Cal. I could find matching the original post - but the dude didn't admit to being high and was apparently fleeing from a hit and run that killed a preggo chick. They did find weed and a pipe in the car, but the dude fled the scene and so cudda been on way more than weed (probably alcohol).

    No idea if thats the right article, but only thing close I could find.
  13. I think every car is gonna hit me when I'm high so...I drive very carefully..thus I have had 0 accidents ever
  14. I began smoking when i began driving ,anyone who blames weed like its alcohol is just foolish
  15. same here. getting that license just opens up a whole new world of shit. :D
  16. im having trouble finding this dam article.. ill keep looking..

    but yea i feel like a drive a little safer when im high. ive driven too high before. feels like a videogame.. but im still not reckless
  17. Whenever I drive baked, I feel like I'm going waaaay fast, but then I look at the speedo, and I'm going 10km (I live in BC) under the limit lol... I suppose that's a good thing.
  18. yeah he shouldnt have been swerving, maybe a little slow on the brakes but that's it...

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