Marijuana Candy Bars Appear in Bay Area

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  1. There's a picture at the link at the end of the article.

    Newsbrief: Marijuana Candy Bars Appear in Bay Area


    Eating these munchies could give you the munchies. A DEA intelligence report in the agency's Microgram Bulletin is alerting the feds to be on the lookout for candy bars containing marijuana. Packaged to resemble Snickers and Butterfingers candy bars, "Stoners" and "Buddafingers" were found to contain 21.6 and 29.8 milligrams respectively of THC, enough to have a significant impact.

    Both bars were apparently manufactured by a mysterious concern called "Tainted Truffle," whose name or variant appears on both bars. "An Internet search lists 'Tainted Truffle' (a subtitle on the 'Stoners' candy bar) as a supporting organization for a California based marijuana legalization lobbying group, with no further information," the DEA reported. DRCNet could find no such web link. The Microgram Bulletin noted that several of its readers had inquired as to the origin of the candy bars, and thoughtfully provided an e-mail address for anyone who wanted to provide such information.

    The "Buddafingers" wrapper tantalizingly describes the contents: "TaiNTed/Buddafinga/diggety, dankity, peanut-buttery!" According to the sole consumer report found via a Google search, the "Stoners" bar was effective, but left something to be desired in the taste department. "This one was called "STONERS" (SNICKERS). It had 'Ganja Caramel,"' reported "420Rican," an anonymous poster on a Howard Stern fan site who reported buying one for $9 in a San Francisco cannabis cafe. "It also tasted like shit, except for the chocolate. It had me asleep in about 30 min."

    DEA got wind of the cannabis candy after a defense attorney for a merchant marine who had flunked a drug test submitted the bars to a Coast Guard lab for testing. But with the packages bearing a marijuana leaf and the warning, "For Medicinal Use Only," the Microgram Bulletin could not help but wonder "why anyone would attempt to present them as an explanation for 'unknowingly' ingesting THC."

    According to DEA, a "Stoners" bar also showed up earlier this year in western Oklahoma, seized by US Postal Inspectors keeping an eye on a meth trafficker. The package it came in was postmarked Southern California.

    The Microgram Bulletin also has lots of other cool stuff. Check out the April issue (the latest posted) at:

    For the report on the Oklahoma candy bar, check out the February issue at:
  2. thats insane, i want a STONER bar. discreet for outdoor use



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