Marijuana can cause depression...

Discussion in 'General' started by TheMysticMan, May 16, 2006.

  1. ...especially when you run out:p
  2. True dat.

    hope you find some smoke soon, buddy.
  3. Very true dat.
  4. I know what you mean man, Im about to smoke the last of my stash. And its only a small bowl of shake :(
  5. hope you find some green br0!
  6. there is definitely some validity to this. i've realized that things get to me a lot more now that i haven't smoked in 2 weeks. i can't wait til my friend gets off probation so i can end this tolerance break.
  7. but contrary to popular beleif, marijuana does not cause the medical condition of depression. It is a depressant tho. It depresses the acticity inside the brain and slows your metabolism down. So dont worry friends, toke up all u want, it wont cause u to turn all emo:D
  8. I get depressed if I run out...... Hold on I don't run out(sound of me knocking on wood) If I did I would be pretty depressed. JOE>
  9. i find that the ganj turns me into a hardcore motherfucker because when i'm high i don't give a fuck. it's when i'm sober that i turn into a raging pussy.
  10. pop up the most random pics.hahahaha it makes me laugh, im just scrollin down and BAM, a emo owl in my face.FACE.

  11. Lol thanks, I was actually scared that would piss people off when i posted it. :D
  12. What can't the O RLY owl do? :D
  13. Lebowski i think some one needs to Confiscate ur photo-shop:p

  14. Yeah, thats not my photoshop, I did photoch0p bobbert in my sig tho :D
  15. OOh! I just thought u were going photoshop mad:D
  16. i love you

    orly owls

    sooo good

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