marijuana busts

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  1. what are the possibilities of getting getting busted and how do they most frequently happen?

    any comments from experiences or what not?
  2. The possibilities of getting busted can never really be accurately predicted, but I can say if you tell anyone your chances infinitely increase.

    Most busts happen because people, most likely the people you think are friends, open their mouths and tell other people they shouldn't.

    Rule numero uno - Don't Tell Anyone.
  3. ^^^ Couldn't agree more. the first rule of grow club is... you don't talk about grow club. The second rule of grow club is... you don't talk about grow club.

    Seriously though. This is why 90% of people get busted. 5% for being just plain stupid and 5% for getting too greedy.

    Good luck.
  4. if u have a cannabis card what can u get in trouble for? as long as u arent growing too much..

    im in cali
  5. If you have a medical card, nothing on a state level as long as your within your limit.

    Although at anytime the DEA or any other Federal law enforcement officer could knock on your door and take you away, but I doubt that would ever happen, unless your commercial.

    Deal straight through the clubs and you'll be fine.
  6. ^^why would you add that last part on.. come on man...

    but ya. as long as you don't tell anyone you're fine.
    really... no one can know.
  7. Dont go to any grow/hydroponic shops--cops watch and copy down license plates for further investigation.

    Make sure you dont smell.
  8. I don't know who told you that. But it isn't true. There are lots of legitimate reasons to visit a hydro shop. If you live in a town where this happens, you should move.

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