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  1. I'm tired of doing work that I don't enjoy. So I have decided that I want to open a marijuana business. Maybe part time at first or forever, depends on the money and sustainability. Would (prefer) to keep it legit.

    So this is how far I have gotten in my planning.

    Step 1: Move to California (or another state if the market there is better for newcomers, your advice here would be much appreciated)

    Step 2: Purchase Grow equipment

    Step 3: Network while growing

    Step 4: Sell harvest to dispensaries or patients as caregiver, or basically whoever wants to buy it.

    Step 5: Save up enough to open my own dispensary. Franchise.

    Step 6: Save up enough to open a hemp farm.

    I have a couple grand saved up to invest. Very interested in a partnership. Figured that this would a good place to get info.

    Holla back

    Budding Business
  2. I dont think you can just start growing if you move to Cali...but nice plan lol
  3. Not to burst your bubble. But I would hold off. I planned on doing the same thing. But california has too many dispensaries. And theirs so many people really far ahead in the game, that most people with this dream that choose to pursue it fail miserably. I would wait for the next medical state, or go into the illegal trade. Thats the only way your really going to have work.. And also, Its not as easy as growing crops for easy money. You could go to jail anytime, get robbed, or even killed. Crop rippers have been known to do so.

    And heres a few questions to ask yourself.

    Will your genetics/products be good enough to compete with others?
    Will you have people lined up to buy the product?
    And do you have the balls to protect yours by any means? Its one thing to sling O's
    but when you start working with pounds and your not selling to a dispensary, your also working with guns.

    Dude its not that simple, I know people who've left the MJ business because it can be hell.
    If you enter it though, prepare for failure as it normally comes before and in between success.
    Also prepare for the paranoia that will probably consume you.

    Not to be a downer, I wasnt happy after I did my research. I still intend on moving to cali, for I have other reasons then pursuing the MJ field of work. But if you intend on the same, move to a place and wait.. Settle in and get to know the area, people and the market.
  4. Well, you gotta get one of those medical marijuana licenses. But you can basically buy those cause many dispensaries keep "sympathetic" doctors on the staff and on-site or move in next door to one. And as a patient you can grow up to 6 plants 25 square feet or something like that.

    Then if someone signs you up as their caregiver, then you can grow their allotment in your garden. So if you have like 10 patients you can grow mad weed on the regular.

    Furthermore there are collective or cooperatives or something which are basically groups of people who work together to grow and distribute within the group.

    Ya, my steps are simplified but I have been researching this like crazy recently.

    Just trying to find like minded people who can offer advice, partner up, or generally network. Not exactly trying to hire a consultancy to do a feasibility study though...
  5. Thanks for the advice. I too have other reasons for moving to Cali, but this is something I would definitely devote the time and resources to.

    As far as going to war over my crop, well I prefer to set up the grow somewhere outside where I live. And I grew up with guns, know how to shoot, and will be damned if anyone is going to have an easy time coming into my house or getting out for that matter.

    But I have been thinking about other states where the industry is a bit more fresh, like Colorado, Michigan, or Seattle.
  6. Yeah man, dont be discouraged, just prepare and know its going to take dedication.
    I am unaware of how the market and cali will be affected if they legalize it. Im sure job opportunities will explode. I hope things work out, and who knows maybe one day our paths will cross in the industry :smoking::wave:

    Til then stay safe and dont let the naysayers get to you!

  7. Always been a fan of the big ol state of Seattle lol
  8. Know what the dispensary situation is like in Seattle?

    Cali sounds nice, Seattle just sounds cold and rainy. The move to Seattle would be solely a business motive.
  9. come do it in RI so i can jack yo shit *****
  10. you might want to work on your gardening skills growing somthing a collective is going to want to buy isn't going to be easy on your first couple of grows
  11. Word. I figured the first couple harvests wouldn't be that serious, and I need to get some good genetics.

    But lets explore that business model more. Join collective, grow something well that is not too common, and sell to the collective. Is that how it works?
  12. Usually. Its all about the quality and price. If I was opening a new dispensary and I really wanted to kill competition, I would undercut most dispensaries. Even if they're the only people in town with Headband (a strain that people go ape shit over) and you can't top there quality, Let them sell their eights for 50. Cap yours at 35 or 40. I mean its really like any other basic business principal. The only flaw is if they offer care givers more for the product that means you'll have less people willing to sell to you. But you will have people none the less. I suggest reading abit on basic entrepreneurship. Its really helped me.

  13. I have no idea how the dispensary situation is in Seattle I was being an asshole pointing out Seattle is a city not a State lol:smoking:
  14. you wont make it in cali unless you sell illegally, sorry.

    if you are a greenhorn you have no chance at learning what you need to know fast enough to make enough money to pay bills and so forth. i suggest growing on your own where you live now. keep it small like 5-10 plants and work your way up. lets face reality. if you keep it small and know what your doing you will be fine. sell to one person dont tell anyone about what your doing. etc.

    good luck mate, but dont move to cali on a pipe dream.

  15. hes talking about doing it legit he wouldnt get raided personaly id just grow it and sell to the dispensaries and colorado is the best place right now
  16. there's like a $15k tax to open a dispensary in maine, but if you got the money, do it.

    i'm excited to see how its gonna go.
  17. All i know is michigan doesnt have many i dont think. It could be a good spot with less competition. But the winter months would be harsh and u would have to move your grow op inside.
  18. trust me its a lot simpler then you think it is
  19. Sounds nice but there's more planning to think of.
    Like saving money to actually move and start it up.
    Also, Marijuana is still illegal at a federal level. Still have to think about that. Also, marijuana might be made legal for recreational use, so IMO, marijuana shops will loose buisness, 'cause people can go out and get it from street dealers for cheaper prices.

    My advice. Find another job. Working isn't supposed to be fun. Even a Marijuana shop might not be fun. You would be fulltime, not part time, since it's yours and you do the paperwork. enough with my rambling. just trust me that it's a bad idea.
  20. Well why California? Last November Maine passed a law which gave the state 6 months to set up non profit medical marijuana dispensarys.

    And that means April.:hello:

    Oh god this summer is gonna be fun as fuck.

    Hope we can see you there.:D

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