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Discussion in 'General' started by Arso, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. He doesn't know too much about stocks or what have you but here is his question:

    If and when Marijuana becomes Legal, it will become like other products: alcohol, tobacco, salvia, you get my point. That means businesses will start to form and money will come in and stocks will open up.

    Do you think that the people who invest in a good marijuana business or corporation can make a heap of money?

    The owners of these businesses will become millionaires no?

    What do you guys think?
  2. the ones on entry level, possibly overnight id say....
  3. I know that if marijuana is legalized ill invest in something like that, if not quit my job and start my own business :smoke: but so many people are gonna do that it might not even be worth it lol
  4. Exactly! Lots of business will open up! But it will become a "survival of the fittest"!
    The best business will stay in business. There will be merges. and mega merges. Eventually like all products, only couple of business will be the top dogs so to speak... The millionaires.
  5. and at one point you could take your company public, set up an IPO, and make millions overnight...
  6. I think once it comes legalized it will change a lot. Prices will go way down, people 30 years from now will laugh at prices we paid. I think that huge companies will run marijuana business. I pray the quality is good, I think it will be since it will be regulated like other drugs.
  7. I mean one could conceivably make a lot of money in it of course! But that's true of a lot of businesses, and if the cannabis industry became legal, there would be huge competition.

    Think about it - who among us wouldn't want to do work in that?

    I'd love to build/sell/whatever with glass, vapes, and/or bud
  8. There will definitely be some "big" business that will profit heavily if legalized, but the infrastructure is already in place to sustain a more artisan/local cultivation of herb...Think microbrews/farmers markets/regional wines things of this nature. Like if you take a vacation to Florida you could get some great fully ripe outdoor sativa's.

    I don't think weed would ever be like tobacco in that no cigarette smoker's I've known have ever grown their own tobacco plants, but plenty of tokers who could easily buy bud still choose to grow it.

    All I have to say is legalize it and a whole lot of hobbyists will suddenly be career folks.

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