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Marijuana bring out the scrtize

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. When i said scrtize i meant scritzefena (i dont know how to spell it) but can marijuana really bring it out in you cause if so thats kind of freaky (Sparked this up by the movie A Beautiful Mind) butany ways is it possible?
  2. schizophrenia? i haven't personally heard of it being brought out with marijuana...some less stable people might experience it while high id imagine though...
  3. actually... i was toking some time ago by myself, and my mind was racing these thoughts, half daydreaming and such. i wondered the same thing... namely 'am i schizo' or 'is this pot making me more schizo'... i was especially spooked because i'd been smoking pot alone for some time, and the influence of THC was becoming a NORMAL state of mind to me.

    but now that i'm sober, i think it was just the paranoia. i don't think smoking pot really brings up the schizo in someone. i.e. even if you're mind is racing, you're still in touch with reality, right? i'm not going to start talking to imaginary bob.
  4. nope only harder drugs like acid, that deal with the mind can bring it out
  5. some study showed that teenagers who blazed had higher incidences of schiziophrenia..
  6. But thats only in people who already showed signs of having the disease.
  7. schizophrenia is something that is brought on by psychological malfunctions and chemical imbalances in your brain...most ppl blaim this on drugs because people who have these real world/mental problems most often turn to drugs to try to stop it (extreme depression and stress can also trigger schizophrenia)

    i should know i lived with my mom during most of my childhood and she was a schizophrenic, it was like living with 10 diff people :(
  8. There was a documentary on this in england a while back.

    Many doctors have a theory that heavy cannabis use during adolescence can bring on schizophrenia or depression. But even they admit that it's just a theory based on their experience with patients.
    No actual study has been made into this yet. I wouldn't worry. I think people are just as likely to become mentally ill whether or not they smoke ganj. It's all due to one's environment, or just bad luck if you have an imbalance of chemicals.
  9. yeah.. i think its possible that ganja might contribute to bringing it out a little .. but is not a major factor ... bascially makes very little differnce if any at all

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