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Marijuana Breathalyzer--Where is it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by miscbrah3284, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Why hasnt a marijuana breathalyzer been invented or released? you would think with it being the number 1 most used drug in the world and the fact that Legalization will become a reality very soon, especially in cali, that they would have made one by now...

    where is it? why doesnt one exist? what would it take to make one?
  2. Word man, there are some prototypes being made in colorado i believe, but they learned that heavy marijuana smokes can score higher metabolite blood percentages than light smokers when they are high.

    so they're inaccurate.
  3. You don't breath out weed that's why it doesn't exist...
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    no sir, you're lungs are an exchange place for anything in your blood to be breathed out. ever wonder why you can get bronchitis from someone coughing on you? in the same rite, people that work out get a condition called keytonosis, that being that keytones (fat molecules) are burned up so rapidly that you can measure they amount of keytones in your blood by exhaling into a machine.

    marijuana metabolites would do the same.

  5. interesting, i didnt know this.
  6. i'm sure science and technology will design one over the years
    but i'd rather not want them to be around, imagine if it were still illegal and cops would be going around checking if people are high at schools/companies or if you are driving
    it would be more of a hassle to keep it on the downlow lol
  7. My questions is why?
  8. I just hope it never happens or anything like it is never invented!....thats before weed is legalized that is...

  9. You have civil rights my man ;)
  10. ^because if a marijuana breathalyzer where invented then they could give impairment tests for people charged with DUI, instead of doing a urinalyses, which as you know detects marijuana use for the past month or so.
  11. Why the fuck would you want this to happen, shit's bad enough as it is.
  12. I think its necessary if legalization were to happen....
  13. [quote name='"miscbrah3284"']I think its necessary if legalization were to happen....[/quote]

    I know, I'm just spitting some anger. I'm a dude who enjoys a nice joint cruise.

    But, I haven't read the thread and I shouldn't take sides on things I am completely clueless about. So don't mind me lol
  14. Im more so just curious why one doesnt exist'd think it would be a huge deal and the country would definitely want to invest into a tool like this
  15. I saw the title...figured it was a troll..found out your serious.

    WTF is wrong with you? Why the hell would you even wonder or think about such an evil contraption? If created, it won't do good, but bad.

    So in conclusion,
    WTF is wrong with you?
  16. maybe for you. are you not for legalization?
  17. Why would it matter if weed was legalized? It would suck just as much either way.
  18. Do you know why a breathalyzer works in the first place? A small percentage of alcohol is released through your breath when you drink, it's part of the way your body metabolizes alcohol. The more you drink the more is released and it shows up on the breathalyzer. THC is not released through the breath, it is metabolized in the liver and stored in fat, so there is no way to detect it in your breath.

  19. ...I'm all for it, but marijuana will never be fully legalized. The most, decriminalized. And even so, this 'breathalyzer' would create a ton of problems for a lot of people who just love to drive high and have fun. They aren't drunk.

    But I honestly don't see the point your trying to make.
    Why the hell would you even want this created? It won't do any good, it'll just create fines/charges for innocent people who were minding their own business. And this is IF its legalized.

    Cali won't legalize weed, I highly doubt that actually considering a ton of medical marijuana dispenseries already have been shut down. Be happy its medical there and easy to obtain a card too. Canada is the total fucking opposite.

  20. problem is that it'll be harder to get weed legalized without one.

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