Marijuana Bores / Annoys me.....

Discussion in 'General' started by KeneticSight, May 12, 2011.

  1. I've never had any true fun while high....... everytime i toke up my nose gets plugged up and i can't taste my food. Also i just don't enjoy it that much its just when i get high i just want to come down off my high cus i just don't see the fun.

    I think im guna toke on very rare occasions. I was hoping getting the MFLB would be great because i heard the highs were different. Well they definitely are different and i enjoy the high a little bit more but it still annoys me.

    Maybe this is something i can "outgrow". I hope so because i want to enjoy the herb for what it is. For no i think im guna sell the rest of my chronic to a good friend and just do the things i already am doing.

    Also i've noticed this sites forum has gone down the pooper. When i first came here it was bliss essentially everyone was cool and nice to each other. Now there is so many trolls and shit its just become annoying. (I believe this is because we can't talk about other drugs now. But that is the rules and we have to abide by them)

    I hope this site changes for the good and maybe i can enjoy the herb one day.

    (I'll still stick around and post)
  2. Wait.....what?

    You can't taste food when high?

    And it's a matter of opinion about this forum going down the shitter. If there's one constant of the internet it is trolls, my mental "ignore" button is strong after a few years so no biggie.
  3. yah man i straight up cant taste food when im high.... it prolly has to do with my allergies and the smoke n shit but when i vaporize the same thing happens....... its rediculously annoying
  4. Maybe its time to move on.....
  5. You just sound like you're in a bad spot homie.

    Smoking is therapeutic, and even a little spiritual. If you don't get that, then it's not the drug, it's you. Find your peace.

    Weed will be around as long as people aren't threatened by change.
  6. Did you ever enjoy it?
  7. Nothing wrong with a little break from the reefer. I quit smoking 3 months ago and I've never been happier.
  8. Maybe you're allergic.
  9. maybe if you could access some edibles then you could enjoy the high...I mean a stuffy nose would keep me from enjoying my high that's for sure.

    and really you're right. sometimes there is no true fun you get from smoking. But that's only if you're doing something boring anyway like playing the same game you always play.

    Good luck man but sobriety isn't as bad as everyone here makes it out to be.
  10. Idk about you guys but I could be sitting in a completely white room, high, and still be having a good time.

    It's all in my mind, man.
  11. No way. I need to be entertained, or I would WAAHH.
  12. I could sit in an ice cold 4 x 4 box, naked, for 6 days without food or water and still be having a good time.

    It's all in my brain, bro.
  13. Its not for everyone man, maybe take a break and come back?
  14. youre a strange man and i pity you
  15. Weed isnt for everybody. Sometimes i think its not for me, then i go 2 days of being sober and get in the mood to smoke.
  16. me too. i don't need any extra activity to enjoy the high.
    for op, if you are not a troll, why doing it if it's not good for you?
  17. I never get bored high. So many random thoughts and ideas.
  18. ...... Smoking anything is not good for you, and ive been here for awhile im pretty sure people who've seen my posts know im not a troll.

    I've been taking a break for awhile actually i don't smoke if i don't want to even when my friends come over to blaze I don't. Why should i do something i don't enjoy doing?

    I smoked weed to see what it was about..... I've done that and its just not my thing to do. I do enjoy it on occasions but having anxiety i think is the reason why i don't enjoy it.

    (I've tried edibles before, the high is pretty similar to vaping)

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