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  1. Hi to you all, members of the great tribe.

    First, let me just make it clear that this is indeed my second post on here, the first one being my introduction post in the appropriate forum. Therefore, I will ask your forgiveness, if in case this post does not follow the rules or the norm.

    Anyway, I was searching Google regarding my theory, but I was not able to find any information on it. That is why I decided to post it here and get your feedback.

    So, here we go:

    My theory is purely based on my own personal experience, being a new smoker of only 2-3 months of age... In the few weeks since I discovered the herb, I have made many observations regarding its effects on me, closely putting those 'funny' feeling under my now-amplified microscopic brain.

    Amongst the many different feelings and effects I experience after smoking is the ability to read body language even unintentionally.

    Let it be clear that I never studied body language and I never actually put much thought into it, but the body movements of the people in my surroundings become so evident they I just happen to notice every little move anyone will make.

    It is so funny, but it sometimes makes me feel as if I can read people's minds, or at least have an educated attempt at it.

    One of the problems that come along with this body language reading ability is that the paranoia level just drives your meaning of the language (body language, that is) into false directions. I will sometimes see people smiling so mildly, that I would have usually missed it, but since I notice it so clearly, I will think that they must be smiling because they know that I am high as a kite...

    I will sometimes notice a small nod with the head, and my brain willl go "oh, my, he has got to know what I am up to...."

    I Just wanted to share this experience with you, and I would love to know if anyone has a clue as to what I am talking about.

    P.S. I hope this will all make sense in a few hours....
  2. makes perfect sense, I always notice the small things when I smoke, and that especially includes peoples body language. As humans we subconsciously do this automatically, or at least until we have knowledge of recognizing others body language.

    And dont worry, the paranoia will go away soon enough. I am to the point now where I dont mind talking to my family or friends or strangers when I am high( they dont know I smoke), its not that big of a deal, and in fact, I almost feel bad for people because I know that most of them are not at the current state of euphoria that I am at.
  3. Right. It isn't the only 'little' thing I notice... For example, at night I will notice cars with their headlights off from a mile away, and it bothers my mind, for some stupid reason. I just notice those cars very much and they just so stand out from their surroundings that it hits me.
  4. It happens to me too.
    I don't know why I have never seen something like this posted before
  5. oh my god me an my friends call it [Ninja Mode]:eek:
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    Did you realise that you just said you have a microscopic brain? Just thought I'd point that out. :smoke:

    I also tend to read body language a lot more when I'm high. Although I'm not sure how accurately I do so. Also, I don't believe you posted in the right section of the forums.
  7. I think I know what you mean. For me, It seemed to deepen the more I smoked with someone. I used to work at this tattoo shop and everyone who worked there smoked every day together. I am a very quiet person, especially high, so I oftentimes would just watch everyone else. While watching them talk to each other, I felt I could sense exactly who they were. Almost like I could experience their personal energies as my own. It was a beautiful thing.
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    I think it has somthing to do with being on the autistic spectrum. Possibily you have a limited ability to read body language when your sober. When your high though its like tuning up your brain to the point where it functions a little more like it should. Atleast this is what i noticed of myself. SO many intricate things that go over my head i can now see clearly and analyze.

    Marijuana does some amazing things to my poker game. Rather than making a decision based on limited input. Now in enhanced mode your going deeper into the situation like through a maze of analytical spaghetti and then you come out and make a crazy call simply because you noticed shit you dont normally. This is true of body language and almost anything. Dont know if i make sense but i try lol

    They dont call it "heightend awareness" for nothing right. Of course the straight folks will tell you oh thats just an excuse to get high. Feel bad for them. More and more fascinated by this state of enchanced being everytime i get high. Its like going from an anolog 20 inch tv to being on a 60 inch hdtv in living color. wow. this really is a great place to be....

  9. Exactly how I experienced it a few times.

    I just thought of this though... when we are sober we focus so much on ourselves and our obligations that we do not "connect" with others so greatly that we can actually read their body language. When high you gain so much more interest in the world outside of yourself that you pick up on things that you never noticed but are always around you. Very interesting.
  10. weed makes me, me
    but more aware, and also less aware(tripping, smoke a lot) but my tolerance is sorta middle, i smoke mainly mids lol
  11. I know what you mean I have this amazing awareness of whats going to happen before it happens and I'm pretty sure I have near psychic abilities but really its just amazing recollection, a heightened cognitive and superb awareness. Its like now I watch TV shows the law and orders or any show for that matter and know who the bad guy is the whodunit and I'm always fuckin' right my timing is supremely impeccable. If anyone is watching Dexter the rookie cop working with Deb is the La Muerta killer. You'll remember I said this once its proven. Only problem with this is that I read too deeply into things and misinterpret the slightest thing so I don't make it the mantle of my thought but rather another pair of eyes for my gut. And my gut has never let me down
  12. I get those feelings. It's like seeing all the peices of a puzzle slowly. When you see a car accident almost happen from the beginning and some crazy small distance keeps them from crashing.
  13. Oh yeah... people getting high... that's what I like to see... :smoke:

  14. Yup exactly or you get a preview of whats under the sand before people do. Its amazing truly no wonder they don't want to legalize it. Imagine if EVERYBODY saw shit like this. :smoking:

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