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Marijuana-Blood vessel constriction?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Baseballa305, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Ok so I have heard the reason your eyes get red is because marijuana constricts the blood vessels. Does anyone know which chemical in marijuana does this or if it happens all throughout the body? I was just wondering when someone suffers a large laceration or avulsion (loss of body part), and the first thing you want to do is stop the blood flow and place pressure on the wound to stop the blood from gushing out, well if marijuana constricts blood flow in large doses could it constrict blood vessels enough to have a noticeable reduction in blood flowing from a wound. Would it stop the blood flow enough to create coagulation and speed up the healing process? Just curious if anyone has some input on this I would really like to hear it.
  2. Marijuana is a vaso-dialator which means it opens blood vessels up. It reduces blood pressure by increasing the size of the vessels.
    Just last night I was smoking some SSH and my BP dropped from 138/80 to 96/60. I have experienced this numerous times. Google Dr Robert Melamede and read some of his work.


  3. You have it backwards, it opens your blood vessels. You wouldnt see your eyes get red if they where constricted (that's what some eyedrops do). And it's the THC that dilates them as well as it's a smooth muscle relaxant.
  4. Okay so then what about introducing THC into the bloodstream to create more blood flow for people who have obstructive clots in their blood vessels that could lead to heart attacks. Would that work? I just think there are so many potential health benefits from marijuana and maybe I just don't understand the chemistry behind it, but can someone please enlighten me, about the heart attack thing.
  5. If you have heart disease, smoking pot is a bad idea. It causes your heart to beat faster/harder when taken in smaller doses. This increase in heart rate, increases the work load placed on your heart... Which can be a real bad problem if you have clots, valve problems, certain rhythm problems, or smoking related angina.


    People who smoke weed, have a higher chance of surviving a heart attack/stroke. It also makes it far less likely that there will be permanent damage done to the tissue in the event of said heart attack/stroke.
  6. Well I figured that but usually most people don't try weed for the first time when they are old enough to have serious heart issues, but some people have heart issues at a young age, I don't really have to worry though becuase I have bradycardia, so I have a very efficient heart, and I exercise very frequently when I'm high, so I guess I make the most of those enlarged blood vessels :smoking:.
  7. I have heard about the blood vessel constriction issue too and as a diabetic this scares the crap out of me b/c I don't want to lose a limb. :confused:
  8. These days, heart disease is found in people of just about any age. Some people are born with heart problems, and don't have any symptoms at all... Until they drop over dead one day from a fatal arrhythmia, or an infarction caused by a leaky valve.

    If you don't mind me asking - What is your average resting heart rate? Bradycardia isn't always a good thing. Even in well trained athletes, too low a rate is a bad sign. Most of those who die from Sudden Cardiac Death (like the kids playin ball on the field, who drop over dead in the middle of a play) have Bradycardia as a symptom prior to them dying. Only problem is that Bradycardia is expected in athletes, so it is usually ignored.

    Does your Bradycardia ever cause you to become light headed, dizzy, or feel like your going to pass out? If so, you should definitely get it checked out - as that's not normal.

    Sorry for the rant. Heart problems run rampant in my family, and I have several rhythm/valve problems, myself. I had Bradycardia just about my whole life, and it was always ignored because I was athletic in school (football, wrestling & track). I found out a couple years after I graduated that I have potentially fatal heart rhythm problems.
  9. It doesn't constrict your blood vessels. It dilates them (actually improving blood flow). Heart rate goes up, but blood pressure goes down.
  10. Do you happen to have a link to a study which states this? I'm also diabetic and would like to know for certain. I've searched on the topic on Google before and didn't find anything.
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    Yeah... Just about any medical site...

    Check this thread for a wealth of information:

    Here's a little clip from:

    "Cardiovascular Effects on the heart and blood vessels are marked by a 20-50% increase in the heart rate and a mild decrease in blood pressure, though the documented effects of cannabis on fluid pressure are inconsistent. Pressure within the blood vessels appears to decrease mildly with continued use (mild hypotension), but some research has shown the opposite effect (mild hypertension).[1] The heart rate (beats per minute) increases slightly for up to 30 minutes following smoked inhalation and longer for oral ingestion. These effects subside over the following 2 to 4 hours. In chronic long-term use, a slightly depressed heart rate and slight lowering of blood pressure (hypotension) has been observed.[2]"

    Apparently it's still debated. I've read more articles suggesting that BP drops, rather than goes up, however. As with anything, try to get multiple sources. If this can be an important issue for you, it is best to take the time to research it fully. If at first you can't find the info, keep trying. Smoking MJ can kill you with certain medical conditions, so it's always best to know your shit when it comes to important stuff like this...

    EDIT: Also - I have more than my fair share of medical problems... So I get my blood pressure checked pretty regularly. I've always noticed that my blood pressure is lower when I'm high - as opposed to when I'm tested sober.
  12. No offense but I think you might be confusing blood pressure with vessel constriction and the links mention nothing of this issue.

    You can have low blood pressure and still have constricted vessels.
  13. "A paper published last year in the journal Angiology found 10 odd cases in France of heavy herbe smokers who developed ischemia (an insufficient blood supply) in their limbs, leading in four cases to amputations. It's not clear that marijuana caused the decreased blood flow, but the vascular problems did worsen during periods of heavy use." http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1003570-2,00.html

    Obviously there is no way to tell if pot had any role in this but the idea of a reduced blood supply can have serious consequneces for us diabteics.
  14. I'm pretty sure resting it's usually about 58-62 somehwere around there, and I've never had any light headed or dizzy problems, I've never passed out or anything like that, but it's interesting to hear you have bradycardia too, and that you have potentially fatal heart problems. I don't have any heart problems in my family, my grandpa had a stroke but thats it.
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    Born with Heart disease right here.

    First open heart was on day 7 due to a a blockage of the Aorta.
    Second was around age 5, intill age 5 I didn't have a heart beat per say.
    It was more of a heart "Whoosh".I had leakage and value patching done at age 5.

    They said I would need a 3rd come age 14

    Now age 19,Im pretty fucking healthy.
    But its scary knowing I probably shouldn't smoke as much as I do.

    Next check up is 4/21 :hello:
    I would have canceled the bitch if it was on 4/20
  16. When you're right, you're right :)

    I thought the 2nd link I posted mentioned blood vessel constriction... But I only skimmed through it real quick, so I could have misread.

    Those people who smoked, and showed vessel constriction - did the study mention whether or not they also smoked tobacco?

    Also, there is a really good thread in the MMJ Forum for diabetics who toke. Have you seen it, yet?

    Your resting is in the normal range. That's only a slight Bradycardia. Your grandpa having a stroke means that you're at a higher risk for stroke, though.

    You sound sorta like me... 'Cept my problem isn't really my heart's anatomy - It's my heart's electrical system that's fucked up. My Autonomic Nervous System is outta whack. Your ANS is the part of your nervous system that controls all of your body's automatic functions (heart rate/rhythm, blood pressure, breathing, adrenal output, digestion, body temperature, sweating, etc.)... So when your ANS is out of whack - so is everything that's connected to it.

    There are several types of Autonomic Dysfunction. Some are acute & local (not major, you'll live a long life most of the time), and some are generalized or progressive (this is bad, you won't make it past your mid-late 50's).

    In my particular case, I randomly stop breathing (sleep apnea, that even happens while awake), and my heart is chuck full of heart blocks (Sinal Atrial Block II (aka Sinal Arrest), Atrial-Ventricular Block III, and Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block). I also have an irregularly irregular heart rhythm, and Sustained SVT's, inclusing Atrial Flutter/Fibrillation.

    I also have leaky valves (mitral & tricuspid), though they are minor leaks. Still bad, though. That blood can pool in the atria, and clot (causing stroke, or heart attack).

    My brain forgets to send the signals out for my heart to beat, and for my lungs to breath. There are times when I'll be concentrating on something... But then I'll notice I'm getting a little woozy... Eventually I figure out that I haven't been breathing for a while, and have to make a conscious effort to take a breath. This is the same thing that they are now thinking causes most S.I.D.S.

    I have to say, however, that smoking MJ keeps my heart rate mostly normal, as well as the rhythm. I don't get as many episodes of the A. Flutter/Fibrillation (which can make the top half of your heart beat 350-600+BPM), and I don't really pass out anymore from random Bradycardia/drops in blood pressure.

    A doctor would probably call me crazy for smoking... But I notice when I don't smoke a steady amount, my heart is almost non-stop doing something bad. It's been shown that MJ helps regulate Autonomic output, which is great in my case as my ANS is kinda fucked, and there's a pretty good chance I have a progressive form of the disease. MMJ makes my time here tolerable, at least :)
  17. I know I have minor problems with my ANS, My inside thermostat is always fucked.Ill be sweating like a pig drenched in sweat in 70 degree atmosphere.Then Ill be shaking cold in a warm house under 2 blankets.Also,I have minor shakes in my hands and feet after my second open heart which the doctor said was connected but another said completely different so Im not sure if that is even part of my ANS off.But mine is no where close to as bad as yours hah.:smoking:

  18. Haha right on man, you took care of that shit. :smoking:
  19. Its interesting to learn all this. My face has been feeling really flushed lately (only ever when Im sobre... or at least thats when I notice it) so I went and checkd my blood pressure at the Shoppers. (while sobre) I had high systolic bp and a lower normal diastolic rate. I wonder what it would be if I went in high...

    On a side note I've been actively trying to lower my bp since... anyone have tips?
  20. Well I have early age high blood pressure, can weed help treat this?

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