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Marijuana Best medicine for Acid reflux & Insomnia

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SplitGenetics, Aug 12, 2011.

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    so basically this is old news, but I have ^both issues stated and smoking after I eat & before I sleep helps me out so much. Buddha deffinetly helps my acid reflux, seems to slow it down, doesn't bother me as much. And as for the sleeping problems, I wake up 3-4 times a night usually. If I smoke a bowl before I go to sleep, I sleep really good. Maybe wake up once during the night to take a piss or get a drink but other then then, sleep real good.
    any of you who find marijuana benificial with these 2 issues for them, discuss, I would like to learn how other people react to it. :) much love GC


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  2. it definitely helps me with acid reflux and falling asleep for the first time, but unfortunately it is damn hard for me to fall asleep if woken up in the middle of my sleep cycle no matter what I smoke. But if i don't smoke before bed I will only get maybe 4 hours un interupted sleep
  3. I suffer from these two issues as well mornings used to be horrible stomach pain i didnt have ANY will to eat and at night i couldent sleep. I used to have to chug down over the counter medicine cause my parent never put in the time to take my illnesses seriously or take me to a doctor to even try to see if they were there.

    So when i hit 18 i went to a MMJ doctor told him my whole life story how i never had enough money to even get this stuff checked out he gave me a month rec.

    After that rec my life has evolved into an actual life. No more pain in the morning and i sleep like a baby at night.
  4. Smoking sometimes can help me out first thing in the morning, but usually I have to take my Prilosec to get through the morning. I have an assortment of illnesses and injuries that I take pills and smoke marijuana for. The pot seems to work the best with pain and nausea, however, I have CVS Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and when that starts nothing works.
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    Dunno bout ur cvs, but i can tend to tell like 5-10 minutes before im gonna start puking. So if i get a few hits in me i still feel crappy, but i dont puke.
  6. I'm extremely prone to motion sickness and an overall generally weak stomach when it comes to acids and intense foods. If I toke a bit before I'm normally in the clear unless I go over the edge and get on like a dingy in 12ft seas while eating tacobell with border sauce dripping down my face.

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