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Marijuana being illegal is a government conspiracy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Meeksy, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I was smoking sour diesel for the first time with my friend a few hours ago, and we were talking about marijuana legalization and how it would be good for the economy when had a very interesting thought.

    What if the government is saving all of the weed that they take from people they arrest, store it in air-pressured vaults/packaging to keep it fresh, then after they have an unbelievably enormous amount, legalize marijuana, place there own dispensaries all over the country and sell it back to us for more money than we payed for it in the first place?
    Just think about it, man.
  2. I think personally that while it's mainly illegal because it's a huge income from fining people, that it's because of our ignorance and uneducated decisions years ago that initially banned it in the first place. but now there are tons of studies being done that show it's harmless, but simply legalizing it will piss a lot of people off that aren't welcome to change and new information
  3. Ha...Like fuck. This country views marijuana as damn near death as it is, much less legalize it.

    How many presidents has it been now that said "and I will, blah, blah, blah...Legalize marijuana!":cool:
  4. Well atleast you got the section right.
  5. The only reason marijuana became illegal, is illegal, and will be indefinitely illegal is the superpowers that run this country can't make a profit off of it. Simple as that.
  6. Cant make a profit? Were to broke of a counrty not to have MMJ making the money + less people in jail. The goverment dosent like to be wrong. What would they say oh! lets forget the last 40 years of weed being illegal and spending billions to fight it lets just make it legal. They would hate doing that so MMJ is slowing coming around state by state. I Hope. They said it has no helth benifits 30 years ago but now they sell it for medical needs? HA
  7. As of the reason that they won't legalize, I cannot tell you. The reason as to why it became illegal, is because of how they used it as propaganda against Mexicans and blacks... You can read about it, just Google it.

    Basically, they needed to pin something on the minorities, and why they were mad killers and rapists.... Same as they always have done. Through propaganda. Scaring people.

    - Serenity
  8. Nope. They destroy it
  9. #9 The Nickatina, Nov 15, 2011
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    imagine if the government wasn't so fucking selfish and just decriminalized it

  10. 70% Destroyed
    20% To Dirty Cops
    10% Lost/Unknown
  11. Big pharma groups dislike the idea of a natural plant that anyone can grow that has remedies that supersede their vast and expensive assortments of man made medications. These powerful groups then lobby about in politics and round up and financially support any candidate willing to fight their cause.
    This country is built upon capitalism that was founded by the government. The corporations that play by the government's rules and in turn finance the government officials that cater to their needs. When the good men can't change bad rules, evil runs freely.
  12. vouch. they burn all the ganja they confiscate. I remember listening to a cop joke about how they burned it all and he "forgot" to put on his mask, and was hoping he didnt get piss tested soon. :smoking:
  13. #13 hippie4u, Nov 15, 2011
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    Taking away from pharm companys? Thats what the gov. thinks but will see its not that way eventually. You see MMJ people. Half dont even need it. How is that hurting pharm companys And the ones that do need MMJ probly still need some pills.

    In other words my mj use has not effected big pharm. I need my ventolin and other stuff. Its probly helped them all the tax on lighters and smoking cost.
  14. #14 Muphin, Nov 15, 2011
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    When you start taking some economy classes you'll begin to understand the confusing world of how corporations and the government work. I certainly don't know everything, but I do know there is a definite reason why so many people know the innocence of marijuana yet it's still illegal. There's just no other reason, no government is going to be stubborn about facts, other than to succumb to the pressures of the superpowers that keep them running.

    P.S. Think of it this way... for example if medicinal marijuana is lifted from Schedule 1 and becomes a legitimate, continuous therapy for ADHD, what will happen to the companies that invest in Ritalin, Adderall, etc.? These companies can't put a patent on a plant, but they can patent a chemical formula.
  15. Maby you need to retake yours. Its starting to become legal. Least we have medical, we didnt always. Why do i care if its legal or not. Still mostly mids-dank i get.
  16. No. Listen to him, you are wrong. I thought everyone on this forum knew the true reasons for it being illegal. At least reasons that appear on surface.
  17. I dont care. Every state will be mmj in 10+ years. How many +'s idk. And i wonder why the economy's so bad, everybody takes economy class weed will never be legal. haha like i said though how could weed effect big pharm. My use dosent. Oh well non mmj time. I'd rather buy non-medical fuck the economy and gov. Support stealth grows
  18. A broad-stroke legalisation would effect big pharma is a big way. Keep in mind that pharmaceutical companies bill insurance companies hundreds of dollars for a SINGLE pill. They justify this by extolling the virtues of their testing, manufacturing, research and patented procedures in putting together this synthetic compound that no one else can produce without licensing. Now if the government (and make no mistake, the US government works FOR the big industries) declares that a simple plant can do the job of - and in most cases exceed - the medicinal benefits of synthetic pharmaceuticals, how could these companies charge so much for those pills? Expensive treatments would drop, dramatically, insurance companies wouldn't authorise them, and people would recognise the benefits of growing their own (bypassing any taxation levied by the government). Sure, people would still need some pills, and some treatments are very specific - but the vast majority of medication does one thing - pain management. Pain management is where marijuana excells, and that is the root of the problem. If people aren't kept in pain, they are not going to seek additional treatment. So big pharma will lobby, defame, distort and corrupt whatever and whoever they have to so that MMJ will not receive federal support.

    I would be very happy if I was proved wrong, and tomorrow the federal government announced the widespread legalisation of medical marijuana, but when you follow the money, I don't see it happening.
  19. Think of how much tobacco the government can grow.. don't think they could possibly grow any amount of weed they wanted?
  20. I understand the follow the money. But how much would be lost over pain management. Your talking thousands of people on oxy, and tabs that i, uh them wouldnt give up for weed. Weeds not oxy, morph, antibiotic, big P will still be here look at the generic version they survived that. And people will do what they want anyway.

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